Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Rachet Released Too Late

Ratchet was finally cleared for release today ..... but too late to make the rescue plane.

SPCA International plans to make another emergency return trip to rescue Ratchet as soon as Sunday.

Everything that can be done is being done for this dog. Cross your paws, wag your tails, and/or purr your heart out that he will be kept safe until he can be rescued from our own military in Iraq.

Latest news on Ratchet

Scroll down for our first post on Rachet today. Or click here to read it.


  1. Darn... so close! Sunday's coming, Ratchet!

  2. We are hoping Ratchet gets reunited with Gwen!

    Mindy, Moe, Bono

  3. Let's hope Ratchet gets out soon.

  4. We're still purring for a happy ending!

  5. We are still purring that this will come to a happy ending.

  6. Sibe Vibes STILL heading that-a-way!

    PeeEssWoo: I'm TRYING to keep Mom khalmed down!

  7. Jan,

    THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts for keeping us up to date on this. We so prayed he would make that plane, but we realised earlier today that he probably hadn't when we couldn't find any news. Thank you so much for this latest update, maybe Mum will sleep tonight! The fact he has got clearance is great, lets just hope he is kept safe until they can get him out of there!
    We are keeping all paws and digits crossed in this house that they get back in time for Ratchet.

    uh-oh.. Mum is leaking again!

    Thanks again all at Jans Funny Farm.. you are great!!

    Ben and a tearful but partially relieved Mum!

  8. Yay, come on Rachet.
    We's all signed a pet-it-shun on this via Care2. Glad to see you are following it and keeping us posted.

  9. We have our paws crossed and are purring our hearts out that Ratchet makes it out Sunday.

    If we could have one wish it would be that every cat and dog could have a loving home.

  10. **insert HBO words** Can't believe how close Ratchet was to coming home!! It's great that he's got his clearance, one major hurdle down.. now let's hope he gets home to where he belongs asap.

  11. Oh dear...
    He'll make it Sunday or sooner, we just know it!

  12. We are purring that Ratchet gets home safely.

    Hugs & Purrs,
    Sammy, Festus & Emma

  13. w00f's JFF, me shure hopes that pup gits outta there, i guess when a bunch of pet lovers gits on the goverment they better listen to us...and mama thinks she fixed the slow loading of the bloggie..heehee, she had it where it had 100 posts on the 1st page...some doggie said that mite b the problem... so far all is workin good now...

    b safe,
    ~rocky and company~

  14. I really hope that Ratchet is kept safe until he can be flown home. I am so glad that he got his clearance. Come on, Ratchet!

    I have given you an award.

  15. Sunday can't come quick enuff! Ratchet has a forever home, yeah!

  16. Eyes, paws, legs crossed here that Ratchet makes it out on Sunday.

    Thank you for the update.

  17. We have everything crossed that can be crossed and we are hoping and praying for Ratchet's safe return.

    God bless the SPCA Intl's Operation Baghdad Pups operation for doing what they do.

    Please, please, please God let this dog be safe and sound here in the US soon.


  18. I am crossing my paws and purring for RAtchet!

  19. Oh nooooooes! At least Rachet will get to go home soon tho!!

  20. We are in prayer mode for Rachet.
    We will check back...

    Thank you stopping by to read about the mystery toilet guest.

    Don't forget to stop by and read...
    The mystery toilet guest!...Part Two

    (((HUGS)))Chancy, Jake, Babe and Ernie's Voice

  21. Looking for Crystal, she got me good today!!!!!

  22. I am so glad he is going to make it. Its sad this would not happen without the animal community. I can not imagine being off in a useless war, away from my family, alone, watching people die and the only thing keeping me going is a homeless dog I had taken in. How could you ever survive with the one who has survived with you?? Its going to be a happy ending when Ratchet gets home..


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