Monday, September 16, 2013

Platefuls and A Giveway

Percy:  Well, we Funny Farmer Felines got to taste some Natural Balance Platefuls.  This comes in packets instead of cans. It has chicken, salmon and turkey in gravy, plus goodies such as salmon oil, ground flaxseed and dried kelp,.but  no corn, soy, wheat, artificial flavors, or colors. 

Cyndi:  We tried some of the Indoor Formula.  We're indoor cats, so that seemed like a good idea.

The first day Cameron ate the gravy and left the chunks.
Cameron:  Below is what the food looks like in a bowl.  Some of us like small chunks of food, some of us don't, so Jan fed us the first package in chunks.  Cyndi, Rusty and Micah ate all of their food, but I left my chunks and Percy ate half of his.  Percy and I mainly licked off the gravy.It was good.

Rusty:  The second day, Jan used the late Miss Mother's (we're mannerly Southern cats, so we call Jan's mother Miss Mother) food chopper.  Just look at the "teeth" on it. Jan says it is the best food chopper for onions or egg salad she's ever used.  She decided to see if it would "smoosh" cat food (we like our food smooshed) so we'd all clean our bowls.

Micah: Natural Balance calls it a "plateful of goodness,"  but a product isn't any good if we kitties won't eat it, so let's taste test the smooshed version.

Percy:  Mmmm, this tastes pretty good.  Jan did a good job of smooshing it with the food chopper.

Rusty:  I like to breakfast by the open back door.  I'd rather be served breakfast in my doghouse but Jan won't deliver my food there.  I believe the humans call it dining alfresco.
Micah:  I cleaned my bowl.  I volunteer to finish any leftovers.


Cyndi:  No leftovers here, Micah. 

Cameron, Percy & Rusty:  No, no leftovers here either. 

Percy:  We give Natural Balance Platefuls five paws up.  It tastes good and is Jan-approved as good for us. 

Rusty: is offers the full line of Natural Balance food and treats for both dogs and cats, delivered directly to your doorstep. 

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We would like to thank Chewy for sending the packets of Natural Balance for us to review. We were not paid and any opinions expressed are our own.


  1. We got to try it out too - a different flavor, but just as tasty!

  2. The evidence is in the cleaned up bowl! Yay!! Paws up! take care

  3. My y/d catfood only comes in pate and I likes chunks with gravy. Any ideas on how your person can make chunky catfood out of pate. ~Socks

  4. My mom needs to find some of that good food for mean ole cat dietzman, maybe it wouldn't make him mean anymore.
    stella rose

  5. They sure look tasty! We eat Natural Balance doggy food
    Benny & Lily

  6. Those shiny bowls tell the story...this stuff must be really nommy

  7. lucy felt exactly the same way - she loved it!

  8. We'd say that's a glowing review of Natural Balance Platefuls! Heck, we're all hungry after reading your post! :)

  9. That food looks delicious. I won't eat chunks if they are too big either and mum smooshes them for me too.

  10. I too especially like the gravy =^.^=

  11. Looks like the Platefuls were a big hit at your house


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