Thursday, September 12, 2013

Merci the Peacock

We have a lot to be thankful for.  For one thing, it's been very peaceful here since Luke went home.  Except for the two nights a terrified, crying / whining / screaming  puppy kept us awake.  We wanted to go check on it, but Jan was too scared to go out with us in the late / wee hours of the dark.

But after the second night of little sleep, we all headed out as soon as the sun started chasing off the dark.  And sure enough, we found it right where we thought it was.

Puppy crated on porch
Yep, a neighbor had gotten a very small bulldog puppy and was leaving it on the front porch alone all night. The house sits on a hill so Jan held the camera over her head and hoped she got a shot. (This photo was cropped.)

As the day wore on, the puppy stayed on the porch.  When we dogs went to walk Jan later in the afternoon, the puppy started screeching like it was being injured.  So we crossed the street.  The puppy was sitting alone in the crate crying.  When we returned from our walk, we were all upset, so we screwed up our courage -- and sent Jan across the street to interfere.

Surprisingly, the puppy was loose and peeing on the lawn and there were two humans in the front yard.  (We had no idea who lived there.)  So Jan climbed the steps, said she'd been kept awake for two nights and had come over to see if they needed some help.  She didn't understand the explanation of why the puppy was on the porch and not in the house, but the puppy hasn't been crying all day and night since.  The crate still sits on the porch; however, we don't know if the puppy is still there.

The neighbors weren't happy to meet her.  Jan said she is thankful she wasn't punched in the nose when she went over to check on the pup.


  1. That sure is a lot to be thankful for. Enjoy your treats and I hope the pup across the road is ok.

  2. Oh my....that poor pup! We hope he's okay. Why do people do mean things like that????

    That's an amazing package!!!

    The Florida Furkids

  3. Good for Jan for stepping in and talking to the owners about that pup. It's hard to do, and people always hate it when you interfere, but if peeps don't speak up for animals, no one will.

  4. WOW it was really BRAVE to go and "TALK WITH" the puppy's Peeps.

    THAT is a FABULOUS pressie Package. AND KHYRA's pressie came just in time.

  5. That poor puppy :(

    You did get a fine bunch of swag though!!!

  6. That poor pup - we think you were very brave when you visited the owners - we hope you find out what happened to the pup though. We think that box of swag is great.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Oh wow! Those are a lot of goodies. So many things to be thankful for.

  8. Wow that was alot of goodies. We are proud of you for tromping over to that peoples yard and checking up on that poor puppy, if he starts crying and is all alone AGAIN please send him to live with us!
    stella rose

  9. We had some neighbors once who brought a weeks old puppy into their yard and never paid attention to him. So sad. We tried to help, but they didn't want it.

  10. I can't stand people who treat their pets like that- why do they even bother getting one in the first place??

    But you did get a lot of cool goodies. :)

  11. guys....yur mom did de rite thing....we wooda been tempted ta "borrow" de bullie..hay....if they wuz gonna leeve him out all nite....ya noe...we trooly hope him iz oh kay....bulliez R knot cheap; if him is pure bred ya'd think they wood knot WANT him out all nite....hizzzzzzzzzzzz

  12. I've nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award! Concatulations! Visit me for more details:

  13. that poor puppy...and yes is that lady a packer!
    Benny & Lily

  14. Ohhh! Looks fun! I hope you enjoy your new gifts!
    -- Nermal

  15. Some hoomans should NEVER be allowed to have a animal.

    WOW that is some loot! That was a terrific package of goodies. Good for you!!!


  16. I think they should crate the humans. You got some wonderful swag.
    Sue B

  17. If they can do that to a puppy, what the hell will they do to an adult dog??? I really don't get people like that. Grrrrr.

  18. Awww..the poor puppy, we hopes the beans got the message that it isn't right to leave the baby in the crate all the time.

    That's a whole lot of swag, you's got good furriends!

    Have a great day,

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  19. I hope the puppy isn't sleeping outside anymore and that the people are being nice to him!

    Nice swag bag you got =^.^=

  20. How very sad for that poor little puppy!! I don't understand people - why get a puppy if you're going to treat it so awfully? I think I'd contact a bulldog rescue and go over in the middle of the night and make off with the pup. Well...I probably wouldn't, but I would sure want to!

    That sure was a nice box of stuff you got.

  21. You guys are lucky you got all that cool stuff. There's one flavor of the Natural Balance that I really liked.


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