Saturday, September 14, 2013

Miss Pat is Having a Party

Merci:  Today we have a special post.

Percy:  Yes, we have a surprise for a special human.

Cameron:  We do?  How come I wasn't notified?

Sam:  You were.  Didn't you read the memo Jan wrote last week?

Cameron:  No, Cyndi deposited a big hairball on my copy.  I couldn't read it.

Cyndi:  Sorry about that, Cameron.  You could have borrowed my copy.  I left it ... hmmm, where did I leave it?

Micah:  You left it beside the telephone and it fell into the water bowl below.  Jan threw it away.

Rusty:  Mine must have fallen behind the desk while I was napping.  What did it say?

Buddy:  It said: We will be having a special post on Saturday, September 14, in honor of our friend Miss Pat's houseguest, an exchange student from Brazil.  It will be Maria's 16th birthday and Miss Pat is having a party for her.

Sam:  So why weren't we invited to the party?

Micah:  Miss Pat is probably afraid you'd eat all the food.

Sam:  But I'd never!  Oh, maybe I did once when I was a pup but I have willpower now.

Percy:  And you've been hiding that willpower where?

Rusty: Stop arguing.  The question is, why weren't we invited?

Merci:  Because it's in Arizona and  Jan couldn't afford to ship us across the country?

Cameron:  No, that's why we would have had to decline, not why we weren't invited.

Cyndi:  Maybe Miss Pat doesn't have enough room in her house for all of us plus all those teenagers coming to Maria's party.

Buddy:  Teenagers?  Miss Pat is having a houseful of teenagers to the party?  Good thing we weren't invited.  We would never be able to get in our Saturday naps.  Thank you for not inviting us, Miss Pat.  We'll just send the card Jan made for us. 



    PeeS... WE weren't invited either!! baaawaaaah.

  2. Happy Happy Sweet Sixteen. BTW, Mom and I tried to comment on yesterdays Mousebreath Mag but I don't think Google ever let us.

  3. That sure was nice of Miss Pat! Happy sweet sixteenth birthday to Maria! :)

  4. Wow!!! Habby Birfday, Maria!!!

    wif lubbs from Little Reufus

  5. Sorry I am late. Happy Birthday Maria.
    Sue B


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