Thursday, August 01, 2013

Forty Bags of Shelter Food

We've been saving this for a Thankful Thursday blog hop post because we are thankful for the gift of giving.  It was likely a once in a lifetime opportunity for us to be able to participate in donating food to the local animal shelter.

Our Funny Farmer Felines have a column at Mousebreath, but there are other columnists as good or perhaps better there, so we know it wasn't for the imaginary millions we've made for Mousebreath that we were fortunate to participate.  But we are grateful for Karen's generosity.

Blogger keeps changing things but if you're lucky you can click on the photo of the newspaper clipping and it will enlarge.  If not, you get the idea. 

Karen Nichol's prize for winning an award for Mousebreath at BlogPaws was 200 pounds of pet food and she asked if we would like to donate it to our local shelter.   Guess you can figure out we did.  Sadly, our car kicked the bucket before the food was delivered, so Jan wasn't able to get to the shelter to see the food or to take her own photos.  She had really been looking forward to being able to do that. 

There were forty 5-pound bags (for reason unknown, someone in the proof dept.changed the text to 45 pound bags) of Natural Balance Organic Formula dog food for the poor orphans housed at the shelter.  Thanks, Karen.  It's fun to receive, but it's also fun to donate.

You have got to read PepiSmartDog's Thankful Thursday post for today!  While visiting South Korea to film about the horrors of the dog meat trade, she and a co-rescuer were attacked - by humans - and had to run for their lives! 


  1. That sure was a lot of food !!
    To bad you couldn´t come and see all that food , Jan :(
    I could enlarge the picure so I could read the newspaper clipp :)

  2. This is just lovely!!! Thank you Jan and Karen!! Take care

  3. Oh we are so happy to read about that!!! I know the shelter was so blessed and excited about getting it. Mom is thinking about doing something like that with her grandkids, so they will learn to give and not always receive.
    stella rose

  4. Wonderful! so great that you could have a part in such a good thing...and yes, Pepi's mom had a really close call...I worry for her

  5. That's a lot of food! Hurray! Me-Ommmmm

  6. It's great to hear that your local shelter got all that food.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Yea!! Shelters are always in need
    Benny & Lily

  8. How great is that?! Too bad Jan couldn't make it down.

  9. way total lee soooper awesum ...we NOE theze pupz iz lovin thiz az well !!!

  10. That is so very wonderful, congrats!!!

  11. That is such great news for the hungry shelter kitties!! Congrats!

  12. Great news for the shelter - thank you Jan and Karen for doing this.

  13. That's wonderful and beautiful! How nice that Jan and the Funny Farmers got some recognition (wel-deserved, for all you do), and that the shelter got that terrific donation. What a big help that must be!

    Big thanks to Karen, too.


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