Thursday, August 22, 2013

Old Texas Grouch

Sam in thundershirt

Hey, Sam here. We've been having some thunderstorms lately, so I've been wearing my thundershirt again.  I'm so grateful Khyra shared this part of her prize with me a while ago because this has helped. Over time, I've become less frightened but I still stick to Jan like glue before and during a t-storm. I've stopped shaking like a vibrating cement block, though. (A little humor there.  My nickname is Brick Butt, you know.)

But I'd really like to share a happy ending adoption story with you today.  Our Texas rescue friend Mark posted it on facebook and he said it's okay for us to share it with you for Thankful Thursday.  He's helped a LOT of dogs, including the vetting of little Luke, the lost puppy who stayed with us for five weeks.  Luke went home last Friday.

I'll let him tell the story in his own words. 

Last Friday, after having lunch together, a friend and I went by a rescue org I used to go to every day to give treats to all the orphans in the kennels - before I had the stupid hemmorhagic stroke when my blood pressure went through the roof from being involved in a cruelty case that wasn't moving fast enough. GRRRR!

Anyway, while we were getting out of the truck, there was a lady I knew with her little girl.  They had been visiting the orphans. I asked if they saw any they liked, to which they replied, "Yes, a kitten and a young lab male."

 I asked if they wanted to adopt them and the woman said they were short ten dollars, to which I replied I could get that much discounted. We went in and I made it happen. The kitten and the young lab went home where they will be inside and loved the rest of their lives. Makes you wonder why, or how, timing happened like this. Is He keeping an eye on me again?

That is the cutest kitty. Blue eyes, silver and white fur, with a loud yowl when it's not being held. The pup will whip you to death with his tail. LUVIT when things go like this.

Yep, Mark Crider, the Old Texas Grouch is coming back.

It's been a long, hard journey but nothing - not even a stroke can diminish the love Mark has for the orphans, as he calls the homeless furries. Welcome back, you old Texas grouch. You continue to make a difference.

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  1. It has bean many T-storms over here to lately , me don´t care to much I like to sit in the window and watch.
    Glad that the Thunder T-shirt is helping you Sam and that you can glue yourself to Jan :)


  2. Glad the shirt is working!

    Stop on by for a visit

  3. Thank you for sharing this story...sometimes you humans like my mom needs to know there are still lots of peoples in the world with hearts of gold...what a great guy!
    My brother Sammer who lives at the bridge used to be so afeared of storms that mom and dad always knew as soon as the storm started rolling in they would be up all night with him. They felt so bad for him. I was brave.
    stella rose

  4. We are thrilled to hear that the T-Shirt is doing its job. YEA!!!

  5. Don't you wish there were more peeps in the world like him?


  6. Thundershirts are great, but it is still important to stay close to your humans to protect them during storms. Love the story.

  7. We wanted to try that shirt but lazy never bought it for my Lily yet. Happy it's working for you
    Benny & Lily

  8. What a fabulous story Jan, so glad you shared that with all of us, especially those of us who do not FB.

  9. You introduced us to a new and gracious human - thanks! And we're sorry about the nasty t-storms but glad for t-shirts!

  10. Heart-warming adoption story indeed! Thank goodness there are those in this world whose hearts always have room for more! And fabulous idea about the blog hop! Never heard of it before! I am honored and pleased to participate! Cheers!

  11. What a wonderful story and a great guy! We love that he got the chance to help and the kitten and lab got their own forever home. Yay!

  12. Thanks for the happy story. We love it when good things happen.

    Dog Speed,

    Essex & Sherman


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