Friday, August 23, 2013

A Cat On Her Head

Percy:  Hey, before we get to our regular Friday news, we just have to tell you.  Miles is shipping himself around the country with his brother Sammy trying to catch up to him in a mail truck.

Sam:  Yes, perhaps this will teach him to stop mailing Miles out of state.  But I doubt it.

Cyndi:  The man in the blue shorts - well, actually, it's a lady in the blue shorts that delivers our mail.  Miles shipped himself here and the lady in the blue shorts delivered him to our front porch. He's really good-looking, you know.  Too bad his heart is with Angel Sanjee.

Cameron:  Yes, we all got to meet him.  And he's fun.  He likes to sleep upside down too.

Buddy:  He complained about the taste of dog treats, though.  What kind of cat complains about dog treats tasting weird?  They're delish!

Merci:  Well, his mom doesn't have any dog treats at home, so this was something new.  You know how fussy cats are about their food.

Rusty:  We have lots of cat goodies around here, so he didn't starve.  He just got to try something new.

Micah:  We haven't had any company since I moved in last year, so it was neat to meet a foreigner.

Percy:  Um, Micah, Miles isn't a foreigner.  He's from New York.

Micah:  Oh.  I've never been to New York.  Do you think it would cost much to ship ourselves up there for a visit?

Buddy:  Yeah, that could be fun.  All we'd need would be a large box and we can search the house for loose change to pay the postage.

Cyndi:  Uh, excuse me, guys, but I don't think there's enough loose change in the state of Georgia to ship all of us including Sam Brick Butt

Merci:  You're right.  Maybe Sam can sell donuts to pay his own way.

Cameron:  Nah, he'd eat them. 

Sam:  Did you say we have donuts?  Are there any left?  I'll just go check.

Rusty:  You can read about Miles' visit at Meezer Tails.

Hey, we're all excited because it's Funny Farmer Friday for us felines over at Mousebreath again.  This week we interviewed all the kitties from The Cat On My Head.  There are 8 of them.  Let's see if we can remember all the names - Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo.

Their mom is a Cute Head.  She signed up with Cute Transport Network at Your Daily Cute to help transport kitties to their new home or a rescue. The drivers are called Cute Heads. 

Stop by Mousebreath to read Every Cute Head Needs A Cat … or Eight.  We think you'll enjoy it.   


  1. We like that name mom calls me "piggy" and I don't care for that much.
    stella rose

  2. We just got back from reading the nterview with the cats from Cat on My Head. It is wonderful to read all of them, great job!


  3. Cat on my Head... now that is a super MENTAL Picture. BaaaaWaaaah.

  4. Wow, I kinda like that postage idea to tour the country! I'd like to try that, and you are all wecome to send yourselves here for a visit. BOL You gotta lick a lot of stamps first!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP

  5. ummmm sorry, I think I ate the donuts. And i shoved some in mine box - I hear it's a long way to whiskerkonsin. - Miles

    Pee Ess - Cyndi, you are furry purrty!!!

  6. another grate interviews guys....we loves de cat on my head crew...

    N sam...if ewe iz sellin donuts eye will take 81,256 dozen....gotta watch me weight a wee bit coz oh winter bein round de korner !!

    hay, hope everee one haza grate week oh end ; eat plentee oh SOLE :)!!!

    butter lover boomer o cat N crew

  7. You guys sure made me hungry but I have got to go read that interview!

  8. We're with Brian. We're kind of hungry now, too! :)

    We love the crew at The Cat on My Head, and we'll go read your interview with them now. We know it's going to be great!

  9. I just love the name! Thanks for sharing this interview! And thank you for linking up to the Pet Parade!

  10. Forget the postage. Don't you have a transport tunnel? You gotta get your Mom to buy you one. I love those cats on their head.

  11. MOL you need a teleport thingy!! Off to read the interview. We love those cats on the head!! ;)

  12. Wow - linkies to chase! Thanks for a great post!!


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