Monday, August 05, 2013

Biscuits Made of Gold

Sam:  Hey, guys, look at what I found on the back steps. Jan must have opened our package without telling us.

Buddy:  Well, that's not very nice.  It must have had our name on it.  Can we report her?

Merci: Don't report her.  We need Jan to open the packet so we can taste them.

Luke: It smells like treats.  Why would anyone ship us food?

Sam:  Mr. Chewy asked us to do a taste test review to see if we like these biscuits.

Luke:  Couldn't I taste it better if Jan opens her fist and lets me eat the biscuit?

Sam:  Jan can't take pictures with one hand and feed us with the other.  Nip her.  She'll let go of the biscuit then.

Buddy:  Food testing always turns into a tug of war.  You'd think treats were made of gold the way Jan hangs onto them.

Luke:  Gold?  Are they really made of gold?

Sam:  No, silly.  They're oven baked and made with natural ingredients, but there isn't any gold in them.

Merci:  They're made with whole wheat flour, beef, beef liver, protein and fiber from fruits and vegetables and ... and I think there's pumpkin, sweet potatoes, cranberries and other healthy ingredients in them. 

Percy:  I don't get one?

Merci:  No, they're for dogs, not cats.  But if you don't tattle, I'll let you have a small piece of mine.

Luke:  Um, Jan, I know I've already had 3 or 4 but I'm a growing boy and we're about to go for a long walk.  Can I have one for the road?

Funny Farmer canines:  After taste testing the treats and taking a vote -  and despite Jan's assurances this is a healthy snack for us- we give Halo Healthsome Beef & Liver 3 paws up.  *Luke tugs at Buddy's collar*  Oh, sorry, we forgot to include little Luke.  Four paws up.

Merci:  Oh, and we don't want to forget to mention that Mr. having a giveaway and a featured pet raffle.

We will have a monthly blogger giveaway with the three prizes(first, second and third place) as well as our Faces Of Summer contest that will conclude at the end of September.

Post a photo of your Cat or Dog enjoying their favorite summertime activity for a chance to win!! In under 50 words, tell us about your favorite summertime activity with your pet to win a special Chewy prize pack. Tag #teamchewy on Instagram and Twitter, or message us on Facebook to enter!

By sending a picture of your furry family enjoying the summer months, accompanied by a brief description, you’ll be entered to be a featured pet as well as entered into the raffle for a special Prize package. The contest will run through the end of September and the winner will be contacted the first week of October.

The giveaway is not being held on our blog, but to enter, you can click the link below.

For those of you not on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram, you can sign in using your email address. The way it was explained to us -

They still have the opportunity to enter using the other options, but if someone is not on one of the social media sites it would exclude them from using that option of entry. It will still be a random drawing of a winner, they would just have to participate in different ways. The main options are following Chewy via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, however there is also the option to enter our Faces of Summer contest which even if you are not on any of the social media outlets they would be able to send us an email with that submission. Let me know if that clears it up, thank you so much the post looks fantastic!

We would like to thank Mr. Chewy for providing the sample package for us to taste test. We were not paid for this review and any opinions are strictly our own.


  1. Them dogbiscuits looks really tasty , atleast if you are a woffie :)

  2. Yay for golden treats!!! Take care

  3. I like Sam's style..tee..heh...
    His face is priceless ..MOL

  4. Sam, I do believe you are being smiled upon by my mommy!

  5. happy noms day to all of you!
    you lucky bunch to be food testers!
    we too! we volunteer, we will test salmon, wild fish, catnip, niptinis, you name it!

  6. Yummy Yummy for our tummy! sure picked the right family to wander into!


  7. If there's a taste test for chicken we volunteer!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  8. um we thought those little biscuits looked pretty good, so good i was a licking the screen!!
    stella rose

  9. Nomilicious for the doggies for SURE! (Pee Ess: we did hear that SOME humans actually EAT gold. Our mommy swears this is true - she's seen gold leaf accented DESERRTS. The paint it on CHOCOLATE an' stuffs. None of which is good for us kittehs, so we choose to think she's FIBBING again! MOL!)

  10. The treats may not be MADE of Gold... butt you did a GOLD MEDAL job of reviewing them. They must be SUPER good from the way you ALL went after them.

    PeeS... we don't do the Facebook or Twitterpatted thingys.

  11. did ya ever get a treet buddy ore R ya, like as of this ritin....still waitin ta get one


  12. Treats at your doorstep is always a good thing!

  13. Those treats sure do sound tasty. We REALLY love that picture of Sam eating his. :)

  14. Wow, that is wonderful! They have the most delicious treats there. I can tell you are all enjoying those...once Jan let them go. BOL Your event sounds fun! I wish I could do those other things besides blogger. *sigh*
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, Furiend

  15. That was a great review.

    The Paw Relations

  16. We are glad you enjoyed the treats!

    Carmine and Milita


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