Thursday, August 15, 2013

Thankful for What Is IT

Hey, Percy and Micah here with today's Thankful Thursday.  It was kind of a surprise to suddenly realize Thursday has arrived and we're not prepared.  We've been so busy time just got away from us.

In fact, Jan looked at the calendar yesterday and realized her friend Mark was right when he emailed last week it was time to take Luke back for his shots.  Either she can't count (a distinct possibility) or she lost a whole week somewhere and needs to find it ASAP cause she really needs the time.  Last week she was really determined to finally learn SOMETHING in a program she's been trying to figure out for several months.  And she did.  Sort of.

If you ever figure out what it is, please let us know.  Actually, it isn't edible so we don't really care, but Jan would sure like to know.  It's her test drawing in a really old program. 

So we can be thankful Jan finally got past that mental block.

And we can be thankful, even though it's pouring rain, the temperature has dropped considerably.  Jan has a terrible heat rash and she's been miserable to live with. 

On this note, we will join the Thankful Thursday blog hop over at PepiSmartDog.


  1. Jan's week is probably mixed up with all the other weeks that my Mommy has lost over the past year.. :( that drawing looks like a Chinese Lantern to me. Butt..what do I nose anyway??

    Hap-Pee Turdsday!

  2. Mom never knows what day it is - except if it is day to go to work!

    cats of wildcat woods

  3. Our mom always claims it happens when life becomes crammed too full for anyone to handle all those data points. She sounds sooooo geeky when she says that - which is clear indication she's making an EXCUSE!!

  4. Knowing what day it is is overrated! MOL

  5. I never really know what day or week it is, so your Mom is definitely not alone there!

  6. We think everyday should be Saturday. Then there would be no confusion and we'd have the humans home all the time.

  7. Is IT a time capsule? Me-Ommmmmm

  8. we bee thanx full if thoze bee burd egss... they iz knot hatched ta bee stooooooooooopid rood caca dropperz :)

  9. Mom always thinks she is losing time.She wants to know why time goes faster when you get older :/
    Yay for Jan always wanting to learn and succeeding :)
    That thing on the floor...what is it?
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia,
    Treasure,Tiger,JJ and Julie

  10. I like your blog and loved it on

  11. We are thankful WE don't have to figure out puter programs. At least TBT does THAT part.

  12. You've got 5 cats and 2 dogs! WOW! What a lovely family. We've got one black cat, Xeti, that's her blog



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