Friday, January 11, 2008

Mao Come Home

Please, every cat join in to support Mao's family. Mao is Skeet's big brother and he's been missing for two days.

Read about his disappearance in the Friday, January 11 post on Mao's blog. (Link is above.)

Karl of the Cat Realm made this graphic, and as he requests, "Take this picture and display it and concentrate ALL your thoughts and purrs to his safe home coming, PLEASE!!!!!"

We sure look forward to learning soon that Mao has been found unharmed or has returned on his own.


  1. Hi Jan
    This is terrible that Mao has gone missing. I hope he is found very, very soon. Mum gets very upset hearing about lost animals, and sick ones too. Have you heard about Durango of The Brat Pack. He is very sick and he needs lots of prayers, just like Mao.
    Love from Hammer

  2. I am purring as hard as I can for Mao to come home safely, right away.


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