Friday, January 11, 2008

Ron Paul And Michael Vick

On the Humane Society Legislative Fund blog Animals & Politics, there is a December 26, 2007 article titled, "The Presidential Files: Ron Paul and Michael Vick" by Michael Markarian, President of the HSLF. Until Jan received an email on the article today, we weren't even aware there is such a site, and many of you probably never heard of it either. But it sure is an interesting site if you're an animal (that would certainly include us) or a human who loves animals (that would be Jan).

We are anti-dogfighting! Anti-dogfights, cockfights, "hog-dog rodeos," or any other type of animal cruelty. So we immediately noticed this comment:

"He (Ron Paul) voted in March to keep the federal penalties weak for dogfighting and cockfighting, providing some great pocket protection for would-be Michael Vicks."

We weren't pleased about this either, "But they (animal advocates) may not know about his terrible record in Congress—driven by an attitude that the federal government (and perhaps local or state government, too) should not play a role in protecting animals from cruelty."

What, we would like to know, is wrong with protecting animals from cruelty?

You can read the entire article here.


  1. That is scary to note how many republicans have animal issues. Huckabee has a bad track record on animals as well. I think you have to vote Felines for Total World Domination...

    We might be feline, but we are tough on anyone who harms an animal.

  2. We weren't aware of this site either- we'll have to check it out.

    On a lighter note, we have a surprise waiting for you at Catnip Corner, and you can pick it up at

    Thanks and enjoy!
    Chris, Jackie, Gidget & Fritz

  3. Cheysuli & Gemini,

    You are so right! Funny you should mention it. I'm working on another post now.

    But can we include dogs in that -Felines & Canines for Total World Domination instead? :)

    Jan's Funny Farm

  4. Hmm... I shall have to think about this. I used to be with the party MEEZERs for Total World Domination, but other cats thought that was too exclusive. Perhaps Critters for Total World Domination would be the most inclusive? I'd hate for the buns to want us to be Canines, Felines, buns and rats for Total World Domination...


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