Friday, January 11, 2008

Presidential Candidates

Now, why would a group of dogs and cats be writing about Presidential candidates, especially since we just posted one on Ron Paul? We're glad you asked.

Michael Markarian of Humane Society Legislative Fund has a more recent post on the Presidential Candidates, which we find quite intriguing and would like to share.

In his January 9, 2008 article, "Speak Out for Animals this Primary Season," Markarian suggests voters call the campaign offices and ask where the candidates stand on animal issues. He has a link to help with the phone numbers. Email addresses are also provided. Humane treatment of animals is important. Let the candidates know that!

As many of you have already read in various news reports, Mike Huckabee has a lousy record on protecting animals. You can find information on various sites on the web or click here.

We're dogs & cats, so we can't vote for President of the United States. You - the voters, the pet owners, the animal advocates - are our voice.

Jan's friend Bill sent her this message and we hope he won't mind if we borrow it.

"I find in my studies of people how they feel and do for animals will let you know how they really feel about things and people. If they don't have a heart and feelings about animals and other things God made, they will be found to only have heart and feelings for special ones who happen to be in the same boat as they are floating in."

To read the article on speaking out for animals, click here.


  1. An excellent Post Jan! Thanks for sharing that!

  2. We just had to wander back and say that sometime next week we have a post to come out about this post and link to it. I think this information is very important to all pet lovers.

  3. Thanks for this important information. And your friend Bill is right on target. Did you know that the FBI has found that serial killers and rapists have a history of cruelty to animals?


  4. Cheysuli & Gemini, We're glad you're going to post about the subject too. We look forward to reading it.

    And Artsy Catsy, We did know this. Jan talks and writes about it often. And we're grateful because WE are certainly against animal abuse - us being cats and dogs, you know. Keep passing on the information and links!

    jans funny farm

  5. Jan
    That is such an impowtant post! Thank you! I bet most of us didn't even think of that and it's sooo know that howwible cwiminal s awe cwuel to pets theiw whole lives..I think it's a good measoowe of a man how he tweats aminals
    smoochie kisses
    pee ess. glad you think I'm a cawd,hehehe

  6. We have posted about the Make my Day award you gave us and passed it on to other poodins. Thank you.
    That wuz a very inchresting and informative post on a very impawtunt subject.

  7. woofies all!!! fank u sooo muchies fur signing dat petition...its time dey found a different way to deal wiff shelter animals...

    b safe,

  8. Good to know, yes, ya have to look at everythin. Jan, stop on over and see the wanted poster I made for Haggis. I am inviting everycat/doggie to take one and display it on their blog, maybe we can help get him home.

  9. Thanks so much for a great post. It horrifies us to see how some people think that it doesn't really matter about people being cruel to animals 'cos they're only animals.

  10. Hi Jan
    Mum always says that if a hooman cannot respect and love an animal and all living beings, they cannot respect and love another hooman.
    Love from Hammer

  11. That's so true - and like one of my favourite quotes from a remarkable, compassionate man (Gandhi) says: The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way in which its animals are treated.

    The world in general has alas a long way to go then...


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