Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Keeping Warm

Well, the weather has changed again and it is C-O-L-D. Now, maybe for some of you, our weather wouldn't phase you. But we're all wimps here when it comes to the cold weather.

Cotton spent the day in bed on top of the fridge. Rusty slept in his extra-large laundry basket bed. The other cats curled up in the other cat beds Jan made them. But this is how we canines spent much of our day. Since Jan added this area rug, we spend more time in the living room with the heater. (We have to. Jan puts a chair on top of the bed when she gets up now.)

Yep, we were fascinated with the gas space heater. There was an electric one running behind us but you can tell which one put out the most heat.

You notice who has front row seats here.

Yes, we shared with Merci. See.... She should have just dragged her pillow over near the fire.

This is in direct opposition to the beautiful weather we had while in Florida for Sassy's pool party. Now that was fun! Warm water, sunshine, food and drink, even a fire hydrant at our pawtips. Good company and friends - animals only. (To make it easy to identify our crew, their names are in red.)
Percy (in the hat) and Cyndi are lounging on the bench to the back. Left to right: Opus, Cotton, Pinot & Momo are on the side of the pool and (l to r) Sassy, Roscoe & Asta are in the water.

l-r: Gemini, Cameron, Buddy, & Cheysuli
l-r: Rusty, Crystal, Merci, & Samaritan
You can read the story and see photos of some of Sassy's other guests here.

We're going to go back and sleep by the heater again. It's just too cold sitting here at the computer. Ah, to be back in Florida again.


(s) Percy, for Jan's Funny Farm


  1. Your mom puts a chair on the bed so you can't get up there - how mean. Doesn't she know that you are only allowing her the priviledge of sharing the bed with you at night, and the rest of the time it is yours???

    We wouldn't speak to our mom again if she did that to us.

    Tiki, Tavi, Cody and Camie

  2. Knowing Camie - she would probably push the chair onto the floor and climb up anyway. She doesn't like being kept from the comfort of her (mom's) bed. Mom was home for over 2 months earlier this year with back problems and Camie got really upset with her because she couldn't sleep in the bed like she was used to.

    Tiki, Tavi and Cody

  3. Spot on, Jan! Knew you were smart and would cotton onto our plotting! It wouldn't have been on the blogs if Gmail had behaved. Yep, I am working hard because Sassy said I have to and sent me all these stuff to read. But *wail* I am a cat and can't read!

  4. Boy I can see that the cold is gettin to all of ya too. I think our poor fur has gone through more than a fifty degree temperature change. No wonder ya all need that heat. I think all of ya should jump on the bed, curl up together, and keep each other warm. First one there gets the bed. Oh, better watch, Momo and I are goin on another adventure.

  5. look so cute in front of the heater... Hope it warms up soon!!
    Have a pawsome day!
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  6. Oh wow. I didn't even realize I had teleported there. Boy does that weather look nice!

  7. That heater looks very cozy!

  8. We also are putting up with the cold. Hope you can all get toasty warm.
    Peace, love and purrs,


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