Saturday, January 12, 2008

Annie Is Missing Too

Sunday Update: Hooray! Mao is home! And Annie has been spotted twice. Last time she was on the porch eating, but she spooked and ran away.

Yesterday we posted about the missing Maobert. We don't know him and we never met Annie either, but we are sorry to learn Annie from Krasota Castle Cats is also missing. Their humans are very worried.

This is Annie:

And this is Mao:
We have all our paws crossed for their safe return. It's hard to walk this way, but we really want to support their families.


  1. Hey there, we put both posters of the missing kitties on our bloggie!!
    Hope they return home soon!!
    Wags and licks
    Maya and Kena

  2. We will keep themin our prayers too.

    waggin TX tails

  3. Fank goodness Mao camed home! Now we gotta concentrate our purrs an purrayers on Annie. I don't know why she didn't go inside! When I was out on a harness (ick) an gotted spooked, I ran straight into the howse.


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