Tuesday, January 01, 2008


We have noticed "NOMS (not of my species) Friends" mentioned on several blogs, so we thought we would introduce you to some very unusual NOMS friends, in case you haven't already met them.

photo ©2007 Shreve Stockton
used with permission

These two beautiful creatures are Eli the cat and Charlie the coyote. Yes, the cat and the coyote are brothers and friends.

They haven't always been friends. Charlie was a small orphaned cub when they met, and at first, Eli identified Charlie as a predator and feared him.

Now before anyone gets their tail in a knot, in Wyoming, it is legal to keep a wild animal as a pet and there is no permit required. So raising Charlie is legal.

That said, you can visit Charlie, Eli and their human at The Daily Coyote. It is worth the time to scroll down and read about Charlie and to watch him growing. There is a time lapse of several months between the photos and the postings, so there is more to come. You can also sign up to receive the daily photo updates. There is both a paid photo subscription and a free one.

Ah, if only humans could get along this well.

(s) Cyndi, for Jan's Funny Farm residents


  1. These are some very special NOMSS friends.

  2. Those two look gorgeous together.

  3. Aww...that is so cute!! And the picture is ADORABLE!! Looks like one that would appear on a postcard!
    Have a great day!
    Wags and licks,
    Maya and Kena

  4. What a wonderful photo! I cannot believe that they are friends and the little kitty isn't thought of as lunch. They even have the same colors. Thank you for this post.

  5. Oh - I never saw this post before! What a wonderful couple, true nomss friends! You already live together with nomss friends - but it never hurts to have more! So I Dare You to take my nomss friend challenge!!!
    That's were the expression comes from...


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