Sunday, January 13, 2008

Johnny The Bagger

We weren't going to get to post today because Jan needs the computer to finish something important. But her friend Bill sent her a link to a beautiful video and Jan said if we're really fast, we can borrow the computer for a few minutes.

We would like to share this short video with you. It's actually a video for humans, but it has such an important message for us too. After it ends, we want you to put yourselves in Johnny's place and think about all the nice things each of you do to brighten another's day. For example:

When one dog, cat, hamster, or other animal is sick, you spread the word and the encouragement pours in to the family.

When the inevitable happens and a family is grieving, you're all there.

When a dog or cat is missing - wow! - do you ever respond. Even when you don't know the missing, ill or over the Bridge pet. (Mao is home tonight and Annie has been seen on the porch eating, but spooked and ran off - in case any of you haven't heard the latest yet.) It's amazing how quickly the word spreads and you all react.

Enjoy the video. You all make our day a little brighter.

Johnny the Bagger


  1. I really enjoyed that video! It just goes to show that your action needs to be from the heart and be done with a passion. All the brillance and innovation count for nothing without it.

  2. It's great that Mao is back and Annie have been seen.
    Thanks for sharing the video.

  3. That made my eyes leak a little bit; how wonderful!

  4. Fanks for sharing ... it does indeed make Momma's eyes leak...


  5. Yeah - the random acts of kindness - to just go out into the world with a smile on your face already make a difference with everybody you meet...
    Thank you for reminding us!
    And thank you for coming to Miss Peach's tea party on board the cruise ship. It was great having you there and we hope you enjoyed it!


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