Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Community Service

There are some new readers of our journal, so we thought we would mention that we aren't named Jan's Funny Farm because we're funny, although we often think we are. But because Jan used to go around muttering that she felt like she was living in a nuthouse. We have no idea how she could equate us to nuts. We three canines do eat nuts, but we're not squirrels.

So why didn't she name this journal Jan's Nuthouse? We have no idea!

Why are we bringing this up now? To remind everyone that life is not always funny, and thus some of our entries will be funny, some will be sad, some informative, and some might make you teary.

Do you remember the story of the woman who dumped a large number of house cats and kittens in a park in winter and the judge sentenced her to spend a night in the same park to learn a lesson. Despite that, she would never be able understand the totality of what those cats, unused to being on their own or hunting for their own food, went through.

In this vein, we heard Jan telling a story yesterday. It's a true one but we won't tell who told her because we haven't asked his permission. We could call and ask him ourselves, but we don't think he has any dogs or cats as articulate as we are, so he wouldn't understand us.

Recently, when a man was judged guilty of animal abuse, the judge asked the Animal Control officer what he thought would be an appropriate community service sentence.

Our Texan friend Mark says some local judges sentence "perps to work at PALS." This is a good idea. Make them work with animals and, hopefully, they will learn to respect living creatures.

But this ACO said he thought the abuser should work at the shelter and have to hold the animals while they were being put down. The "perp" lasted one day and never returned.

Hopefully, he learned something about the value of life in that one day. We think this is a fitting punishment for the circumstances and it would be nice to hear of more judges implementing this style of sentencing. Kudos for the ACO suggesting it and to the judge for granting it.


  1. What great sentences! Mom wishes judges in PA would step up to the plate and put more "bite" into some of the sentences for animal crimes. It just never seems to be enough.

  2. There is so much I could say here, but there just is not enough space or time. I get very angry when I here of abuse against animals & humans. Karma will take care of humans like them. They won't go unpunishsed! I don't understand how humans can be so mean!
    Jan, I did want to thank you for your kind, sweet words on my blog, about our Ernie. Thanx again, HUGS~Chancy

  3. I have an award you, please stop by...


  4. Hi everyone in the JFF! I'll be doing a post this weekend to barrack for the Packers, it combines the artistic talents of a couple of the kitties from the blogosphere. Please come and cheer us along!

  5. I think it's totally appropriate. It's funny how when you are doing something to something it's okay but to have to do it regularly, it is too hard? Very strange.

  6. Thanks for the continuing support :)
    I am under the impression that cheerleaders are supposed to be barracking for their team and not promoting themselves. While I truly apprecaite JFF's enthusiasm and loyalty I think I should downplay my personal profile and get on with cheering Derby's team! So please yell a bit of 'Go Packers' in between 'Go Momo' and 'Go Sassy'

  7. Yep all I have to say
    more should have to do this - I give that judge and ACO 10 thumbs UP we need a lot more like that!Personally I think 90 days is better..
    Annie, Gypsy, Mollie, and the memory of my Mist

  8. I still vote for idiot human spay and nueter programs...

  9. So sad for the animals but great on the judge and ACO's part for following through with that sentence. Justice is served sometimes.

    Woo woo, Kelsey Ann

  10. Yay for the judge! I truly hope that the animal abuser learned a good lesson. I truly do not understand how anyone could bring themselves to abuse an animal. I have given you an award. Please stop by my blog to pick it up.

  11. Yes, great idea for sentences for these bottom feeders of our society. Unfortunately I think they are probably never going to appreciate animal feelings and rights as we animal lovers do. But at least they need to be punished.
    Jan, thanks so much for the link you placed on my post about Iam's petfood scandal. I have added it to the post. I also don't agree with everything Peta does, but I'm also not an Iam's customer anymore either.

  12. Maybe if that jerk works with some pets he will come to understand how wonderful we are!

    What a great idea!

    Opus and Roscoe

  13. I will never, ever, ever understand any form of cruelty to animals.


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