Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Our New Safety Collars

We hope all who are eligible have already voted or will vote today. 

Merci:  If you are familiar with our overly hyper Marcus, he thinks play is a whirlwind activity.  I don't see or hear too well any more, so it's scary when Marcus suddenly screeches in my face and grabs me by the collar.  Jan and I are glad to know there is a KeepSafer® Petsafe Breakaway Safety Collar available to protect me.

Buddy:  The safety buckle is to the left above.  It's used to buckle the collar around the neck or to remove it. Jan opened the breakaway so you can see how the collar would break apart should Marcus yank too hard on Merci's collar.

Merci:  Most collar accidents happen when dogs are playing - even if only one of them is interested.  Did you hear that, Marcus?

Buddy:  Or if Marcus should ever try to jump the pen and get hung up, his collar would breakaway so he wouldn't strangle.    

Marcus:  There they go exaggerating about me again.  I am the sweetest, calmest guy you could meet.  See how quietly I pose in my new collar.  Do I look like I would strangle any dog?  But I could have been strangled when I kept catching my rabies tag on the new stuffed chair and couldn't get loose a while back, although my tag ripped holes in the chair instead.  You can't rip holes if your collar is tangled with something solid.

Buddy:  This is my new collar.  I hope you won't confuse this with an orange jail jumpsuit.  I'm not on the lam.  I'm stylish.

Merci:   A red collar for a red dog. Not that we're the same shade, but red makes me feel cheerful.  I don't look cheerful?  Well, at my age, cheerful might not have the same facial enthusiasm.

Marcus:  Here's a video I put together myself to tell you more about these collars.

Buddy:  You did not put that video together yourself, Marcus!  You are such a fibber.

Marcus:  I am not a fibber.  If I didn't put the video together with this post, no one would get to watch it here, so it's the same result. 

Buddy:  Jan has clipped the leash to both D-rings so if I get feisty and want to chase a squirrel, the collar won't breakaway.

Marcus:  Jan found one problem with my collar.  Not with this harness, but my regular harness was in the sewing pile because I kept stretching it and getting tangled in it.  When Jan put me back in the front clip to collar harness, she had a problem clipping the leash to the harness and the extra D-ring.. 

Merci:  Here I am decked out in my new red collar and my Marcus-decorated duct taped red leash.  And Marcus says he's calm? 

Marcus: You'll like the KeepSafer® Petsafe Breakaway Safety Collar. We do.

Petsafe provided with us with the collars for an honest review.  We received no other compensation and any opinions expressed are our own.


  1. Those are some very cool collars!! Mama is headed out to the polls as soon as they open!!
    Dory, Jakey, Arty & Bilbo
    PeeEss..Don't forget to head over to Phod's and Vote in the Blogville Election!

  2. Hari OM
    Well I can vote in the Blogville election at least - and much better options we have there, I may say!

    I had very similar styles of collar for angels Jade dog and Jasper cat. Jade never had any trubs, but Jasper got through four collars in his life time. Expensive little kitty... but he was worth it! Hugs wags whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. We've all heard terrible stories about collars being harmful to doggies and kitties, so an updated breakaway collar is a great idea! Pretty colors, too!

  4. That's great!!! have to be extra safe. Woofs to Blogville election. Golden Woofs, SUGAR

  5. Bentley wears his KeepSafe BreakAway collar all of the time. I like knowing if he gets caught on something, that he can escape without hurting himself.

  6. Y'all look pretty darn snazzy! Hey, we all voted for Smoke & Joe!

  7. Those are fine-looking collars.
    PS: Florida has early voting, so I did this already.

  8. Those are great collars ! Purrs

  9. Mama has petsafe collar, er, I mean, I have a pet safe collar on ME and I love it. I'm never scared of hooking it over something and not being able to get away. They are WONDERFUL, especially when mama wants to put a new id on me of whatever.

  10. Nice collars. My hubby and I voted this morning.

  11. Those look like some great collars.


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