Thursday, June 04, 2009

Surprise from KC

First of all, we want to file a complaint against Jan for blasting the air with unmentionables today. (We aren't allowed to mention them.) The way Jan yelled, you'd think poor Cameron stepped on the UPS power button on purpose. Yes, she has it covered over so that can't happen, but his foot slipped. Okay, so she was working online at the time. But is she too helpless to push a couple of buttons to restart the computer?

Now for the surprise. We opened the box and there was a note, " Surprise. Love KC."

Isn't this gorgeous! It's from KC of the Sherwood Bunch. One of the soft and fuzzy blankies knitted by Peggy of Peggy's Place for the auction to help Coco and Charlie cat with their vet bills. Now we know why it was listed as "shipped to some lucky cat(s)." We sure are lucky. This blankie will be so warm next winter! Our house gets cold!

Rusty, Buddy & Sam are the first to check it out. (You thought we were kidding when we said in another post that Jan covers the furniture with sheets because we shed, didn't you?)

Rusty: Hmmmm, nice place to take a bath.

Percy: Hey, wait for me. I'm a kitty too.
Cyndi (on the arm of the couch): I'll wait to see if Rusty gives Percy the boot before I get any closer.

Sam: Is there any room up there for me?
Percy: Wait, there's a box. I have to check out the box.
Cyndi: I can almost touch it from here.

Buddy (upper left, brown): Well, I don't need to stand in line. There's plenty of room for me in my chair.
Cameron: Wow, Jan caught nearly all of us in this one shot. Merci and Cotton are the only ones who disappeared when the camera came out. But why did Jan cut off my head? Retake. I want a retake!

Cameron: Jan, you did it again. Where's my head? Oh, there's my head but where's my face? I do have a face, you know!
Rusty: What are you complaining about? Jan keeps taking pictures of my back. I have a face too.

Cyndi: Well, it's about time they all left. Rusty takes up half this blankie himself.
Percy: Zzzzzzzzzz.

Thank you, KC & the Sherwood Bunch. We love our new blankie!

Crystal received a late card for his birthday from our friends Annie, Gyp & Mollie -- and their human KC (not KC of the Sherwoods) -- over at Gentle Annie's .


  1. Oh wow, what an awesome surprise. That blankie looks so comfy!

  2. WOO HOO!! Warm blankies are the bet....and when they are surprises they are even better!

  3. I can see why there is so much competition for that blanket, it looks far too comfy to share!

  4. That is a beautiful blankie. What a great surprise.

  5. The blanket is beautiful and you all looked like you were having fun trying it out. ~S,S, C & F

  6. Wow, that is a gorgeous blankie! Looks like you are all enjoying it very much!

  7. WONDERFUL... these are the best blankies! Maggy and Zoey loves theirs and it's obvious all your
    brood are happy with theirs too!

  8. That looks like a very cozy blankie. I can see that everybuddy already loves it!

  9. Oh, I's so glad you like it. All mine brofurs an sisfurs sleeped on it, to leave our furs an smells. I can see it worked.
    Love & Purrs,

    pee ess: We finks Peggy & The Cats haf a noo Cat Blogosphere classic, the hairy blankies.

  10. Surprises are great. That blanket looks furrry nice.

  11. Well, if woo really get THAT khold, I khan send WOO my extra floofy stuff that Mom has removed from me (I keep making more)...

    Furry nice purrrrrprise woo got!


  12. Its really very gorgeous and the color suits all of you!

  13. Looks like everyone is enjoying the blanket! What a great surprise!

  14. Oh wow, that blankie looks like a big hit!! What a great surprise!

  15. Ooh, we thought the bloo stuff was the wrappin. But its the stuff!


  16. Ohhh wow. What a lovely warm surprise. That blanket looks like a hit with you all!

    Licks and Wags

    Tuffy and the Dog WOods Pack

  17. What a wonderful surprise! It looks like EVERYONE loves the blanket!!! What great pictures!

  18. Looks like a keeper, for sure!

  19. That looks like a GREAT blanket, how nice of the Sherwood Bunch to send it to you!

  20. That was very sweet of K.C.! That is a gorgeous blankie. It looks like it will be very comfy and warm. I have a feeling there will be a waiting line to snuggle up on it this winter.

  21. Wowie!!! That is a nice blankie!


  22. Nice~

    We love surprise too XD

  23. Ohh your blankie looks so soft and snuggly, and we love that everybuddy loves it.


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