Wednesday, November 16, 2016

New Castle for King Rusty

Rusty:  You might remember how much I love my cathouse.  I stand in the doorway and survey my domain.  It makes me feel like a king.

The sun feels so good on my body, especially when the weather is cooler, as it is now. I cant explain what a joy it is to know I am in control of my life.  Until Jan comes outside and carries me inside for the day.

Recently, I found a much larger realm.  I invested some paw power to open it up to the sun, waltzed in and sat surveying my new domain and imagining the other Funny Farmers bowing before my throne.  What a terrific new castle.

And then, suddenly, Jan looked outside, saw me enjoying myself, sped down the steps, scooped me up and took me inside.

The next day I strolled outside with the dogs and found she had closed the castle door and barred it with a set of flower pots. I went to work and opened it again.  Jan came outside, scooped me up and carried me inside.

I returned to my castle the next day and discovered the castle door was now blocked with my cathouse.  I can't move the clubhouse.  Jan can barely move it, but she did and locked me out.  I want in!  It's my new kingdom.

Jan:  Rusty, you can't go under the house.  That's the crawl space.  I can't crawl under there to reach you but snakes can.  There could be a snake under there.  Possibly giant rats.  Or a crazed chipmunk.

Rusty:  Oh, come on.  When is the last time anyone saw a crazed chipmunk running around under the house?  What does she mean by last week?  She's just jealous because I fit under the house and she doesn't.
Wait!  Did she say snake?  I think I'll abdicate!

Mr. Doug came by yesterday and spliced another fan into the power supply.  There's going to be a pitter patter of furry feet racing around trying to catch up with what we've missed. 


  1. Our neighbor's house had a wood board over their crawlspace entrance, and the neighborhood cats had easily opened it for their use. Someone finally caught on, and sealed it up tight (making sure no animals were trapped inside, thankfully!) That's about the time that Patty O'Malley showed up at our house...hmmm

  2. Hari OM
    OMC Rusty, sounds to me like the 'help' is getting out of hand!!! No respect for royalty...tsk... then again, pawhaps 'security' IS up to the task and your abdication from that pawtikyoulur kingdom is a wise move... Either way, glad the fan is fixed! Hugs and whiskeries, YAM-aunty xxx

  3. Have you tried sentencing Jan to your royal dungeon?

  4. We would believe about snakes and monster rats!

  5. Bummer that she won't let you in your castle. But I think she might have your best interest in mind.

  6. You do not even want to know what lurks in a cral space, oh King Of The Cathouse Realm!
    Trust me. Loulou

  7. Awwww Darn IT ..Rusty... and just when you thought Life was taking a GOOD turn... Miss Jan came along and put the KIBOSH on it.
    Start your Tattle TAIL List fur Santa Claws... with THAT one...

  8. Dang, what good is a castle with out an entry way? Guess you'll have to do to White Castle. But hold the oninons, they're not good for cats.

  9. OMC Rusty! You're a brave kitty to venture where there might be mean critters. Sorry you don't get to explore anymore but we're happy Jan is keeping you safe.

    Sasha, Sami, & Saku

  10. What a bummer, Rusty, that your castle got sealed away!

  11. Crikey Rusty ...... She sure is a spoiled sport, aye??

  12. I'd also abdicate the thrown over a snake and giant rats don't sound too fun either. You do look royal in your palace though. ♥

  13. Aw shucks, busted out of your new domain viewer. Glad to know your fan was fixed. Hooray!!


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