Thursday, October 13, 2016

Did I Do That?

Marcus:  Did I do that? 

Cyndi:  Yes.

Marcus:  Are you sure?

Cyndi:  Positive.

Marcus:  When did this incident occur?

Cyndi:  Last April.

Marcus:  How do you know it was me?  It doesn't have my name on it.

Cyndi:  You were caught red-pawed.  Jan took out the trash and came in to find you with your rabies tag hooked in her stuffed chair. 

Marcus:  Oh, that.  I was scratching an itch when the chair attacked and held me prisoner. 

Cyndi: You don't live in the real world, do you?

Marcus:  Of course I do!  And I'd stay away from that chair if I were you.  It bites.

We're joining Pepi Smart Dog for today's Thankful Thursday blog hop. 


  1. Hari OM
    ..............BOL........................ oh Marcus. Go on stage mate. You'd make a fine living as a standog comic... hugs and wags, YAM-aunty xxx

  2. OH dear you know you always have to watch out for those attacking chairs!

  3. Better put a muzzle on that chair!

  4. That's funny. My daughter was asking which granddaughter did something. You ever admits it??!!
    (ツ) from Cottage Country Ontario , ON, Canada!

  5. We weren't born yesterday Marcus!

  6. Attack chairs! We think we have heard of them and they are vicious!

  7. Chairs can be very devious!

  8. Is that why there is a hole in my nest?? My tags got bitten?? I shall have to tell that to petcretary...



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