Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fall Is Falling

Micah:  This preparing for winter is hard work!  I need a break.

Cyndi:  Why are you complaining?  Jan's doing all the work!

Micah:  Yes, but someone has to snoopervise to make sure she doesn't fall off the stool, or through a window.

Cyndi:  But she's the one moving furniture, stuffing newspapers in window cracks, hanging and rehanging drapes, and whining about aches and pains.

Micah:  You're a female.  You just don't understand how important it is for us males to have a job.  It feeds our eggo.

Cyndi:  It feeds your what?  Oh, you mean it feeds your ego. 

Micah:  Yeah, ego.  So Jan gave me the job of bodyguard until the winterizing is finished.

Cyndi:  Well, if you're her bodyguard, you had better hope her body doesn't fall off the stool and land on you.

Micah:  Don't worry, I'm not supposed to be close enough to take a bullet for her, only close enough to the phone to dial 9-1-1 should anything happen.

Cyndi:  It won't be long before the temperature will start dropping down to freezing at night.  Brrrr.  I hate being cold.

Micah:  If this is fall, why is this tree the only sign of the season the dogs see when they walk Jan?

Cyndi:  I have no idea.  The leaves might not be turning yet but they sure have been falling into the dog pen.  I hope you aren't planning to tell me you were sitting by the back screen door with a phone in paw in case Jan fell into the pile of leaves she raked.

Micah:  Of course not.  I sat by the back screen door with a feather duster in my paw to wave and cheer Jan on so she'd stay awake for the long, boring job. 

Cyndi:  Aren't you glad that's over!

Micah:  It's not.  Jan said leaves will keep falling into the pen until some time in January. How about taking over my cheerleader job for the season?

Cyndi:  Can't.  Energetic activity would invalidate my Medicat insurance.

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  1. In Southeast Michigan, we are at peak color for autumn, but now it's been raining for a day, and it's gotten cool...almost cold. This weekend, I will replace the old straw in the outside cat houses, and then start fretting from now until spring over my outside kitties!

  2. We don't get fall colors until sometime in December so we are enjoying other bloggers' colors.

  3. Well, someone has been sneaking in and stealing our leaves!

  4. Our leaves have started to fall, and we are already getting frosty nights.

  5. We haven't seen our normal fall colors but it still reaches the 90's here. We're ready for some cool weather. Thanks for being Jan's cheerleader. It sounds like she's working overtime!

  6. Most of our leaves are down from the heavy rains we had.

  7. Well, actually, I happen to know that Marcus was in a KITTY SUIT to throw us all off!
    As for you two, Micah and Cyndi, PLEASE do make sure you watch out for Jan when she hangs curtains or it will be curtains for YOU TWO. Stay OFF THOSE CURTAINS! I'm sending her essence of skunk...haha. To spray on them and deter offenders.

  8. The leaves are quite pretty around our parts right now...soon they will all be gone...

    Take care of Miss Jan, so she stays upright and doesn't fall on you or anywhere else...and take it slow and steady so the aches and pains don't get too bad.


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