Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hearing Aid Alarm Clock

Merci:  I need a hearing aid.  Does anyone have an extra hearing aid?

Cyndi:  I don't think anyone who uses one carries a spare.  Why are you asking?

Merci:  I need one.   You know my hearing is pretty well shot.

Cyndi:  I sure do.  For some time now the whole neighborhood has been listening to Jan yell for you.  At the top of her lungs, no less.

Merci:  Well, at least she has figured out she either has to come touch me or give a high-pitched whistle.

Cyndi:  I like it when she tells you it's time to come in from the dog pen with a spray bottle.  I didn't realize a  bottle could spray that distance.

Merci:  It's not so neat when I'm standing around enjoying the quiet and suddenly water starts raining on me.

Cyndi:  You have to admit it's a better solution than Jan yelling late at night and waking the neighbors.

Merci:  She could come get me.

Cyndi:  You know how she hates those back steps, especially in the dark.  Plus, she could fall in one of those holes you or Marcus keep digging.  But why would you suddenly want a hearing aid?

Merci:  Because Mr. Doug was here Sunday and I almost missed him.  He was standing right beside me and I almost slept through his visit.

Cyndi:  He was only here a few minutes and he stood just a couple feet away telling Jan how to connect the new modem switch.   How could you sleep through Marcus's wild greeting?

Merci:  I didn't hear him.  Mr. Doug is my favorite person.

Cyndi:  I wouldn't announce that to Jan.

Merci:  You're right.  He's my favorite human other than Jan.  If he hadn't wakened me, I would have missed a rare opportunity to see him.  At my age, there might not be that many opportunities left.

Cyndi:  Hmm, what you need is a hearing aid alarm clock and it just so happens we have one of those right here in this house.

Merci:  We do?  Where is it?

Cyndi:  Asleep in his crate with the door open.

Merci:  You can't mean Marcus!

Marcus:  Hey, I heard my name.  Is it dinnertime?

Cyndi:  Not yet, but Merci needs a hearing aid alarm clock. With all the noise you make, you're perfect for the position.

Marcus:  Okay, but I hear overtime pays better so I'll work overtime hours first and then we can fit regular hours into my schedule.

Cyndi:  But you can't work overtime until ....

Merci:  Never mind.  He lives in his own universe.


  1. We are glad we have a large yard all fenced in. TBT whistles and clapd hands and we know to come in. And it helps that we always get some treats when we do.

  2. Hari OM
    Aw Merci, the later years do rob us of our faculties, but adaptations such as hearing aid alarms can compensate - a wee bit. I love that Jan is doing some adapting for you too! Sending some extra special hugs and wags to you ol' gal. YAM-aunty xxx

  3. My assistant could use a hearing aid alarm clock as she has been sleeping right through her alarm every morning this week.

  4. Really, she sprays you to get your attention?! Actually, that's a cool idea, except for the sprayee...

  5. Pierre needs earmuffs because he hears EVERYTHING! I love the overtime idea! BOL!

  6. eye loozed me heerin a few food servizz peepulz have ta tred lite lee when they come up bee hind me az eye am just as like lee ta give em a what for ...for beein startled ~~~~~~ ☺☺☺♥♥♥

    butter lvoer boomer o cat

    1. N eye guess it haz a fected me spellin....thatz butter LOVER boomer o cat ;)

  7. Rom was deaf & blind at the end.... I didn't dare move furniture for months! And after he was gone, I didn't want to move it because it had stayed there so he could move without help....

  8. How nice of Marcus to accept the job :)

  9. Sounds like you would hear ringing in your ears!

  10. Dog-guy is getting to be like you as well, Merci. Its good that he barks less, but disconcerting as well... Hope you don't miss out on too much.
    Marcus surely will let you know of impawrtant events that need your attention:)

  11. Merci, Cyndi, give up. It's a losing battle, y'heah?


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