Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Leo and Riding Mower Unit

Hey, it's me, Buddy the Handsome Hound, with a heroic video for you today.

But first, we'd all like to thank a certain human hero and his accomplice helper. We won't embarrass them. They know who they are - the guys with the white charger riding mower who appeared suddenly and mowed our lawn, including the weeds so they aren't waving at passers-by any more.

Jan heard Sam and Merci barking (I was inside keeping an eye on Jan in case she tripped or something and needed me to dial 9-1-1.) and she suddenly remembered Rusty was also in the pen. He loves it out there and thinks he's one of us when the door is opened. When Jan went outside to collect him, she was surprised to see the cavalry. Well, the Riding Mower and Weed Eater Unit, anyway.

We're all so grateful since Jan has been using a weed whacker or sling blade or whatever you want to call it on the lawn. Fortunately, she rates our needs a top priority in the finance department.

We try very hard to help her swing less and breathe more by turning the dog pen into dirt/mud and trying to avoid watering our own lawn on our walks. Except for fire ant mounds. I really enjoy watering a fire ant mound. You should hear the swearing below ground when I do.

And now for our video. This is a news story from 2008 but heroism is always timely, so we're posting this video of Leo the Jack Russell Terrier that stood guard over 4 newborn kittens during a house fire in Melbourne, Australia. Leo and the kittens were saved when firefighters entered the burning house thinking there was a human unaccounted for and still inside. Instead, they found Leo standing guard over a box of four kittens. Leo stopped breathing and was resuscitated with oxygen and heart massage. The kittens were also treated and then they were all reunited so Leo could give them a bath.

We really had to search to find what happened to the mother cat but we did manage to find a comment on one site. ... the family was relieved to be reunited with their family pets, including the mother of the kittens, which had initially been lost in the incident.

If the video doesn't play, click here.


  1. Oh, we are so thankful as we know you are that the mower and weed eater paid you a visit...how very nice! We loved the video. Bless them for helping with your yard. What a sweetie Leo is. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. We love the way Leo is trying to lick the cat smell off of them. hehe

  3. That is so great that the lawn was mowed by someone so Jan didn't have to whack it! How nice!

    And Leo is such a hero - mom couldn't watch the video because she knew just from your description she would cry, but she was happy to hear they survived!

  4. What a wonderful story - Leo was quite brave AND kind.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Yay for beautiful Leo and the kittens and the firefighters who rescued them all!!! What a fabulous clip, thank you!!

    Now gorgeous Buddy - please look after Jan! Me and Charlie are so happy that the lawn mowing cavalry came to mow your lawn so Jan won't hurt herself doing this! LOL!!! But seriously!! Yay!!

    Take care

  6. YAY for weeds-b-gone and double yay for that hero woofie!!!

  7. Buddy
    How wondewful that you had youw lawn made all bootiful and youw Mommi doesn't have to stwuggle wif it.
    And thank you fow that stowy about LEO
    I love when doggies help Kittehs.
    I'm happy evewyone is saved in that tewwibull fiwe
    smoochie kisses

  8. Misty and The OTHER Jan are furry khlever!


  9. So glad that the mower monster helped you out and got rid of those weeds and the long grass. I hope none of you were afraid of that dang machine. When the folks get theirs out even though I am inside and they are outside with it if I see them coming toward the house I make a run for it. I hate it and don't like it one bit.
    The mom had tears when she saw the story of the hero doggie, Leo, that saved the new born kitties. She said these were tears of happy. I don't get it. She cries when sad and happy???? How am I to tell what she is feeling???? Oh well.
    Love to all at your place.

  10. That was a wonderful, inspiring video and brought tears to my eyes as, I am sure, it did to the eyes of many.

    Possum and Pixie's Mummy

  11. Hallo! Thank you for coming to see us. We couldn't wait to return your visit!
    How lucky you are to have a lawn at all! We don't even have a garden - We live, with our human, in an apartment and We have to make do with a balcony with potted plants.
    Maybe we could come and play with you in your garden. Purr-lease...

    Possum and Pixie

  12. Good news abowt the mower man and accomplice!

    The video is wonderful ~ what a brave little dog, and lucky kittens.

  13. That is a gorgeous video and makes you feel all warm.That was aa lovely surprise getting the grass cut. Hugs GJ x

  14. That was such a great video - YEA Leo!!! you rock.

    So glad that you all benefited from an unsung hero's random act of kindness as he help to mow your yard and his assistant trimmed.

    Purrs and prayers for your Hero's; may their kindness return to them threefold.


  15. Hooray for the mowing help! And we LOVE that heroic woofie! :)


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