Friday, April 29, 2011

National Hairball Awareness Day

Hi, Percy here. Today is National Hairball Awareness Day so we have a fun ... interesting ... boring ... we have a related post.

We don't want to be mean but Jan is a flop at creating anything. So of course she agreed to make a Hairball Creature for today. It was simple. All she had to do was use the new FURminator on us kitties and make a creature from our fur. Simple, right? Ha!

She collected our fur in a bag and tried to make something. The next day she tried again and again. And this is what she made. (Don't laugh. **snicker** You'll hurt her feelings.)

See poor Sam over there with a "you're joking" look on his face, trying to distance himself from Jan's "art," as I go sauntering by and ... what is that???

Jan says it's supposed to be a cat or dog sitting on its butt. It has two front legs but no matter what she does, they just won't show in the picture.

Nope, it doesn't look any better close-up. It smells kind of familiar, though. Might I suggest it needs a grooming?

The first time Jan got up from the floor to download the photos onto the computer, she knocked over the metal background. It flattened her creature. She put its head and arms back on and sat it back up. The second time she got up, she knocked over the metal background and flattened it a second time. The third time she got up -- no, don't run ahead of me here. That time I flattened it with the metal background. Sorry, it was an accident. **snicker**

By then the creature's fur was a hard mass with no arms and a crooked head. So Jan combed out all the fur and separated it back into a loose mass. And then she decided to make the creature lay down and look pathetic.

This is Jan's submission. If any of you can figure out what it is, please clue us in. Even Jan has no idea what it's supposed to be, but its name is Shaggy.

Despite all the setbacks, Jan had some fun making this mess Fur Creature to help promote National Hairball Awareness Day 2011. Here are some FURminator tips on cats, hairballs and shedding.

Cast of creature contributors -
1) Cameron, 6-year old tuxedo, absolutely loves to be brushed, so he was the main contributor to the fur pile.
2) Cotton, a 12-year-old tortoiseshell.
3) Cyndi, a fluffy 7-year-old calico.
4) Percy, a handsome 6-year-old black & gray tabby.
5) Rusty, age 7, a long-hair ginger tabby. He supplied the eyes, ears and snout. has posted a gallery of all 23 Fur Creatures here. Or you can access them here. Furminator will be featuring the photos throughout the day on their Facebook page.   (You can view their FB page even if you don't have an account by clicking on the link.  You just wouldn't be able to leave a comment.) There are some interesting fur creatures, so be sure to go see them all. There are some creative artists among bloggers.

Romeo will hold a drawing next week. The winner gets a $500 donation to their pet rescue of choice and second place gets to choose Romeo's May FURpower organization.


  1. Ah.....I tink I recognize dat fur creature. It was seen runnin' cross our front lawn da odder day!

  2. We think your cute little creature looks like a mix between a Schnauzer and a Pot Belly Pig! We like it!!
    Happy Friday,
    ~ The Bunch

  3. Ummmmmmmm. Very nice fur creature Jan. It looks cool.

  4. I'm so sorry but I'm laughing so much at your fur creatures, I'm actually crying now! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take care

  5. We're not laughing at the fur creature, but we ARE laughing at the telling of the events! We think Shaggy looks really cool!!!!

  6. Is it a furry pig? That's our guess!

  7. It has definite pig-like qualities. You may have discovered the next fad in pets.

  8. I thought it was a Schnauzer.
    It's actually quite creative. People do not realize how difficult making something out of left over fur really is.
    I had bags of fur just from my FBoomerang -- she LOVES to be furminated. But the fur seems to flatten on its own.
    But the goal of this contest was to be silly and have fun, and we did that.

  9. We love your creature Jan! Both sitting up and flat out, he rocks. We think it looks like an old dawg who used to live in our village. His name was Scoot, he was a sort of cross between some rough coated terrier and a border collie. Scoot was a grand old dawg.

  10. Hehehehe...sorry but dis was too good not to laughs at today...and it was very welcoming, needed laugh.
    I say sell it on etsy, big monies fur dat.


  11. Well, whatever it is, it is more of a critter than TBT couldve made (even if we HAD much fur ta brush off).

  12. Mom is making funny laughing noises
    Benny & Lily

  13. The fur creature is very relaxed! Saw your submission in PeoplePets! Congrats!

  14. Well done! Better than our mom could do! MOL

  15. Well, I think he's cute Jan, good job! :)

  16. That certainly is one cool looking critter!!!

  17. We think Jan's creation is very realistic looking. We have creatures that looks exactly like that living under the the bed and sofa.

  18. MOL! Well, that is about as good as my human's idea, which was to wad up the fur and stick a photo of Binga's head on it!

  19. We swear we saw Shaggy lurking in our basement corner the other day!!

  20. LMAO!

    Sort of looks New Age, whatever the hell that actually means, hee, hee! ;-D

    In my case Daddy channelled his inner Victor Von Frankenstein, or Mary Shelly. ;-D

  21. Uh...It's kinda cute :)

  22. That's where my Associate ALF disappeared to...(Did Cotton at least feed him some ham before he was flattened?) *Wink*

    We actually like both of the creations and think you'z being too hard on Jan!

  23. BOL! Hahahahaha! Mom loves your hairball creature :D She thinks the flat one looks a bit like a raccoon and the upright one perhaps a zombie doggie? Too much fun :D

    Waggin at ya,

  24. Good job on your furry creature! It looks like a kitty mixed with a raccoon! Good luck in the drawing, and thanks for stopping by to wish Charlie a Happy Birthday!!


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