Monday, April 25, 2011

Rusty in Doghouse and Praline

Before Rusty does today's post, we all want to take a moment to say good-bye to an old friend. It's a sad day as another blogging legend has passed.

Sweet Praline had to be helped to the bridge this morning. We all knew this was coming, since she has been ill for a while and stopped eating Thursday. We decided to try our paw at making a graphic for her and as you can see, we have a long way to go before we even reach "fair" in the graphic department. And it's cropped a bit tight because some furry - and we won't even give you his initial but if we did it would be P - put the date as 20111.

Paula, our artwork isn't the best, but the sentiment is real.We're very sorry for your loss and have been tearing for days as Praline's time came. She will really be missed! You can visit her and leave a comment at Sweet Praline's blog.

Just as we were about to publish this, we learned Gabbi of the Dughallmor Beagles has passed. They haven't blogged in a few months but this is their blog.

And now here's Rusty with our scheduled post.

Rusty here. I am so ashamed because I am in the doghouse. Literally.

I've been relegated to the doghouse because I think if the dogs are allowed outside, I should be allowed outside. After all, I'm as big as Merci, just not as long in body. I investigate, eat grass, roll in the dirt and sun my tummy.

However, Saturday afternoon Jan came to let us inside and I wasn't there. She panicked, raced through the house, put Merci on a leash to help find me, and ran out the front door.

Buddy started howling because he wasn't allowed to go with them. Sam started barking because Buddy was howling. And when Jan came running around the back toward the alley, there I was trying to get in the screen door because the guys were making a racket and I'd been left behind.

Yesterday I got caught. Jan was outside with us. She turned around and I was missing again. And then she spied me in the neighbor's green plants - you know, the kind of things Jan kills with her black thumb - on the property line. She ran through the house and when I heard her coming, I scooted back into the yard and sat on the top step waiting to come inside.

But I waited too long to run home. Jan saw where I squeezed back through the fence and stood a cinder block there until she can figure out what to do. I know this because it was there this morning. As soon as I got outside today, I headed right to my once secret passageway. Don't worry, though. I haven't given up. We cats can squeeze through tight spaces and I'll find another one.

I'm so embarrassed I can't even look at Jan. But I'm sorry. I won't do it again. I promise. (I think.)

Ha! She forgives me. She falls for it every time.


  1. Rusty, you are a Bad Cat, and we LOVE Bad Cats!

  2. Rusty you need to stay there - don't make Jan all freaked out!

    And we are so sad about Praline - we sent lots of purrs and prayers to her mom. She will be missed so much!

  3. We finks that grafik is furry beautiful and we know Mom Paula and Angel Sweet Praline bof love it, too.
    Ours hearts are breaking over tha loss of Angel Sweet Praline, it's a furry sad day for the entire Cat Blogosphere.
    And we will send purrs & grrrs for Gabbi and fambly, who must be heartbroken as well.
    Love & Purrs,

  4. I have no doubt that Paula will love that graphic!

  5. I love the graphic and especially the thought and sentiment behind it. I think Sweet Praline would approve, too.

    Mom Paula

  6. Oh Rusty!! You are one adventurous kitty!!! You have such spirit!!! But please don't worry Jan anymore!! Poor Jan!!!

    Your lovely card to angel Sweet Praline is beautiful! Take care

  7. jan the graphic is beautiful and made with love. we will all miss Praline so much. Now rusty you stop worrying your mum like that as its not good for her. Mum says she would forgive you anything with your fave in the last photo.Hugs GJ x

  8. Jan that is a very special graphic for Praline and it was made with love so we know that she loves it and so will Paula. We are also sad and finding it hard to believe that she is gone. We are purring for Miss Paula though.

    Oh dear Rusty...oh dear.

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  9. Rusty...naughty kitty! But I nose you won't do it again! BOL

    So very sorry to hear of the losses in Blogville. It's been a very sad week.

  10. That is a wonderful graphic for Sweet Praline and we are very sad for her passing as well.

    PS: Rusty, buddy, don't go makin' your Mom all crazy!

  11. I think your graphic and tribute is beautiful. I shall miss that sweet gal, but remember her I always will.

    Rusty, you're a hoot!

  12. I love your graphic photo you made for Sweet Praline. I am wondering if the mom could borrow it as she didn't have time today to make one for me. It is so sad that Sweet Praline had to go to the bridge. The mom had the tears again. Sweet Praline is a dear ole friend and will be missed by the many that know and loved her.
    Now as to Rusty!!!!! You no how, no way, not ever sneak outside AGAIN! Yes, I am yelling. it is too dangerous outside and we don't need anything happening to you. Please, please stay inside. I noticed that you marked the doggie house. Nice touch. Now it is yours!!!!

  13. Sorry to her about your friend
    Benny & Lily

  14. We think your graphic is beautiful! It was made with love, anyone can see that. Praline will be missed.

    Rusty, you better behave yourself! Mama's don't like when us kitties aren't where we're supposed to be!!

  15. Rusty you are the poster cat for The Naughty Kitty Club!

    We'll miss Praline....

  16. Rusty, are yoo in the NKC? 'Cos if yoor not, yoo shud be!!!! MOL!

    We are so very sad about Sweet Praline. We will miss lots her too. We are sending love to her mommy Paula.

  17. Rusty,

    Sounds like you're a cat with a plan. Be contrite, lull her with a false sense of security while you figure out your new escape plan, then BAM! you're off again. I live with cats, I know...

    Though I didn't know Praline, I have heard about her from several blogs today. My heart goes out to her family and to Gabbi's family as well. So sad...


  18. We are so sad about Praline too, she was one of our first blogging friends.
    And Rusty, you must not worry Jan! Be good, ok?

  19. Rusty, we fink yoo shud e-mail Amy at The House of Cats and ask her if yoo can join the NKC. She will make yoo a badge and yoo can be a member.

    Love Milo and Alfie xx
    proud members of the NKC.

  20. Rusty, you should try not to worry Jan like that.

    Sorry for the loss of your friend Sweet Praline.

  21. With such a sweet face - how can Jan not believe your plea and forgive you.

    Just don't worry Jan too much or you won't be going outside as much as you like.


  22. Rusty your very naughty.I am very sad about Sweet Praline she will be dearly missed.

  23. Rusty take care of your Mom, and give her some kisses. That will make Sweet Praline's crossing a little easier for her.

    Essex & Deacon

  24. Rusty, you make a great dog :P

    Waggin at ya,

  25. Muahaha, Rusty, you're so sneaky! I tried a few times to start digging a hole near one of our backyard fences, but I was caught! I guess I need to start thinking "small & sneaky," like a kitty! ;)

    Woofs & hugs,


  26. Humans are suckers that way. Mommy honestly believes us when we say we will behave.
    (Fenris sitting on the carpet where he doesn't belong, Scylla who whapped the gate down for him, Socks hey I didn't do anything and Artemisia who well she gets in so much trouble we don't have time to add what she did, gotta run before Mom catches us)


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