Thursday, April 14, 2011

Percy Unveils Canvas Print

Hey, Percy here with a surprise we had made for Jan. Well, not really a surprise because we asked her to select the photo for it but it was a surprise up until then. It's a 16 x 20" photograph on canvas.

Wait, wait, just a minute here. Where am I in this canvas picture? No, I was not in Bermuda! I was on a shelf next to Buddy. I am perfectly striped. I don't have an ounce of flab. Am I not photogenic?

Oh, I am photogenic! Then why am I missing from the canvas? Just a minute, Rusty. You too, Sam. I want to hear Jan's answer.

Jan, come back here! You haven't answered .... Oh, wait, do I hear the rustling of a bag of treats? Um, just a minute guys, I'll be right back.

Ooomph, oom ... **swallow** Sorry, my mouth was full. I'm back. Where was I? Oh, yes. Here are two of the subjects posing with their picture. (Buddy snoozed through the photo session.) Jan hung it on her bedroom wall so she can see these smiling faces first thing every morning. Yes ... I know you can't see the dogs' faces but they were watching a chipmunk. Use your imagination!

To order one of your own photos on canvas, just go to Easy Canvas Prints and click on "Start Designing Now."

But before you do, you might want to consider which photo you'll want to print so you'll be prepared. You'll need a good quality photo with a resolution between 180 DPI and 240 DPI. You can use a PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP, or a TIF file. Choose a size. And a wrap. We chose .75" for ours.

Oh, Jan asked how to take care of the canvas. Well, duh, Jan, we're furries, what do we know about cleaning? But we asked the nice lady at Easy Canvas Prints and we're printing her hints here, in case any of you will need them too.

To clean the canvas, remove it from the wall and tap it gently to get rid of loose dirt. You can use a soft dry cloth and lightly rub over the canvas to clean away any dust that settled. SUPPORT THE BACK with your hand, so that you don't put too much pressure and dent the canvas in. You can also use a lightly dampened cloth to get rid of any stains you see, just be sure to use a dry cloth after to remove wetness. Do this as often as you normally clean your wall hangings, and your canvas should keep it's luster.

In the meantime, dusting it here and there with a clean dry cloth should prevent dust from settling into the canvas.

Other small things:
Keep in mind that direct sunlight can fade the canvas, and drastic temperature changes or heat can warp the wood/canvas. Keep in a room temperature area for best upkeep. Try not to put in a damp, humid area. Canvas is pretty water resistant but of course, if you spill water on it, wipe it off immediately with a towel to avoid ruin

We were not paid for this review, but the sample photo on canvas was provided to us for this purpose. We are all happy with the finished product, although some of us are a bit miffed we weren't included in the photo.


  1. That is a beautiful one fur sure, and y'all look as fancy as ever!!!

  2. That looks terrific! They seem to be very popular these days...Costco here does them and the mom has looked at getting one done, when she is able to budget for it. :-)

    -Fuzzy Tales

  3. Wow. That a great picture and the canvas turned out super nice.


  4. Awww beautiful Percy!!! Me and Charlie hope you have more extra treats!! :-)

    This is a brillian photo on canvas tho!! Yay! take care

  5. w00fs, bute ti ful, just bute ti ful.Me sorry some of u was lefted out...

    b safe,

  6. That looks terrific!

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  7. Uh Percy, I must apologize furs laughin' at your commentary...hehehe...but, you is a funny kitteh.

    Can you tells me you has to take it off ada wall to clean it...hehehehe! Uh, never mind, I thinks I knows.

    Tells da gang thanks furs informing me bouts da flowers.


  8. Oooops, furgots to say dat I loves da canvas.


  9. Pewcy
    i wemembew that pictoowe and loved it. It's vewy cool that Jan had it made into a pwint!!! now obviously, she needs one wif the west of you on it to complete hew bootiful decowations
    smoochie kisses

  10. Hey, that is a cool service! We might want to try that with our current blog header picture cuz it was one of those "unlikely-to repeat" pictures...

  11. we have one too and just love it!! My boys aren't in mine either because my photos were so bad lol

  12. Monday comes to my blog, go there for something for you
    Good weekend
    Ronrons Girlfriend

  13. That is so awesome! Your picture on the canvas sure turned out beautifully!

  14. Great!! Love the photo and so glad you did this review :) We've been thinking about trying the photo on canvas, but weren't sure. So, thank you!!!

    Sweet hugs,
    Sierra Rose

  15. IT IS SRPING AND WE ARE OUT OF HIBERNATION!!!!! and how cool is that picture!!!1 PL2 said she is going right over there and getting one!!! Love and kisses A+A


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