Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Cotton Tells Sparkles Story

Hey, Cotton here. I told the others there is ham on the table in the kitchen so I could get to the typing chair and introduce today's subject.There really isn't any ham but I have control of the keyboard now so it's officially my turn.

A while back we promised we would post some photos of a special cat after her rescuer had some time to recover from a bull attack. (Yes, you read that right.)

The story goes back to late June 2010 when a black cat in a Georgia shelter was sitting on death row and folks from all over were frantically emailing, blogging, tweeting, and posting to Facebook to save her. If you're a new reader or you missed this story, it is worth a couple of minutes to go back and read from the beginning. Although the black cat was saved, our posts were on a "spinoff" about other cats who were rescued because of the hard work done by so many, including Sparkle the blogging kitty who was determined to save the black cat's life.

The beginning of the story is Black & White Rescues.

And continues as White Rescue Update.

Part 3 is Carolyn & Sparkles. Sparkles the rescued kitty is named for Sparkle the blogging kitty since Sparkle's determination helped save her life. (It also tells about the bull attack.)

And this is the famous Sparkles.

Sparkles not only sleeps on Carolyn's bed but she has her own pillow. Yep, she now has a life of comfort. Can you tell?

This is Music, one of Sparkle's babies.

And this is one of Sparkle's babies, most likely another picture of Music.

Of course, the babies are pretty much grown now and have homes of their own, but we thought you might like to see the photos anyway.

The photos were sent from Carolyn's cell phone last night while her area as well as ours were under a severe storm/tornado watch. A storm rolled through the Southeastern US last night and when it hit, the rain poured and the wind blew hard, and we furries decided the best thing we could do to keep Jan calm was to be brave and hide! Jan sat in the dark with her eyes closed and she could still see the rapid-fire flashes of lightning. It was not a night for sleeping, but it was definitely a night for unplugging the PC and hiding in a cupboard. Sorry there wasn't enough room for you dogs.

We'll throw in a couple of extra photos for you. The photos aren't very clear but these cats are also being spoiled. :)
This is Ziggy. He was a Christmas rescue.

And this is Ziggy with best friend Zoe. They were rescued together.

Sparkles, Ziggy and Zoe are Carolyn's cats, but her rescue does have cats and dogs available for adoption.You can check them out at All Creatures Are Truly Special. All C.A.T.S. is a licensed rescue, so there is also a donation page.


  1. That is one great story, I had forgotten most of it and it was nice to see the updates.

  2. Oh we love happy endings!
    There is just so many out there still needing our help, but any life is so worth saving.

    >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^< >^..^<
    Abby Ping Jinx Boo Gracie

  3. OH Carolyn is a STAR! A bright shiny wonderful STAR!! And look at Sparkles and her babies!! And lovely Ziggy and Zoe!! And that sweet black kitty who was also rescued!

    Thanks for the info and the updates lovely Cotton!! Take care

  4. What a wondewful bunch of pictoowes of bootiful kiettehs
    I' get so happy when I heaw that they found loving homes..I hope all the othews do too
    That kitteh-pup has the most bootiful fuws, but I think they awe all wondewful
    I'm glad you tuwned off youw powew and no one was huwt
    stay safe sweet fwiends
    smoochie kisses

  5. That is such a great story. I hadn't heard that story before but it sure has a good ending. It is always so good to hear good stories.

  6. We remember this story, it was so heartwarming. We loved seeing the pictures.

  7. Wow Cotton, you do tell an excellent story! Thanks! Theese is our first time hearing about it all, so we read all the parts. We're very happy for those rescued kitties who are now being spoiled just as they should be. Purrs to Carolyn, what an unfortunate accident with that bull. Sparkle is an excellent advocate! That sounds like a very scary storm, yikes! Pass a hi to Jan (is she out of the cupboard yet?).

  8. We saw the storm's story on the news -

    Glad to see woo are okay - albeit a wee bit stressed -

    Thanks fur sharing the tales!


  9. You must be near me as we had the same weather.

    Looking at those babies and reading their story...mommy is in love with them. Pretty babies. xoxoxox

  10. Hey, we had a terrible storm in SC!

    Sparkle is gorgeous! I loves to hears stories likes dis, especially when so many others come togethers to help save a life.
    My mum's furiend would just die to haves Music...her is known as da crazy kat lady:)


  11. Good trick to take control of the blog!
    Glad they are doing so well!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  12. oh dat ams wondrafull bout Sparkles!

    Thanks Cotton fur sharin dat!

    (rolls around on her new blankie)

    Little Bootsie Woo
    back home from hur lady opurrayshun

  13. What a story...yippE for those kids
    Benny & Lily

  14. An excellent story... now please excuse me, I need to check the table for ham...

  15. One of the happiest moments of my cat blogging career was seeing that one rescue turn into so many more! Carolyn is such an awesome human!!!

  16. What a nice story, thanks you for the updates!
    I hope you don't get another scary storm!


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