Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No Surfing Today

We don't have any special news today.  Except we're being kicked off the computer because Jan is going back to bed and she doesn't trust us on the net alone.  Something to do with the guys having too much fun "surfing."

Why is she going back to bed?  Something to do with kicking Buddy and Sam around this morning while making strange sounds.  Oh, Cotton says those are moans.  Sam and Buddy are not too happy with her because they couldn't sleep well.  Not with Jan getting up every hour on the hour and dumping them on the floor.  And then for 2 or 3 hours she kicked and flailed until we finally just had to get up and come sleep in our own beds.

Cameron is upset with her too. Buddy yelled at him for kicking his him in the head but all Cameron was doing was attacking Jan's moving feet under the covers.  He should have yelled at the one responsible instead of an innocent bystander.

Well, the rest of our post is ready so we'll just follow Jan into the bedroom and pile on the bed for warmth.  Wait!  What's this about furries not invited?  No, she can't put up the gate to keep us out.  Oh, I just remembered it's the dogs the gate keeps out.  We ...  No, Jan, you absolutely can NOT close the doors too!

On second thought, if she has something contagious, like the flu... Okay, we can all sleep in our own beds for one day. But if she clears the couch and lies down ... No, Buddy, I get first dibs on the couch.  Unless she starts kicking again.  Then you can have it.

We haven't posted since Sunday because Jan has been very busy trying to figure out some new designs.  Thinking of designs is sometimes easier than trying to get them to work.  Below are the latest ones in a very small size.  If you visit our store and click on any design folder - some folders have more than one design in it - you can get a better idea of what each looks like on a product.  You can even magnify it to see the detail and colors better. 

How can you resist him? He's begging for a home.And so are his siblings.

We do have a lot to be thankful for..

Thanksgiving or not, always count your blessings.

 Jesus is the reason for the celebration so we thought this card design appropriate. 

And of course Buddy just has to play Santa on his own Christmas card and t-shirts.

Of course the actual designs on products do not have the jansfunnyfarm watermark or "sample.".

Stop by Jansfunnyfarm Zazzle Store and check out the designs. We can't get the new designs to move to the front of the line.  At the moment some are at the top and some are at the bottom.  Who knows where they'll be by the time you get there.  :)

And the store is not just for bloggers, so please feel free to pass on the link to your friends or post it in your sidebar.  Jan does designs for us and zazzle does everything else, so we will be thankful for any sales because the intention is to feed and take care of us with the proceeds. And we need a lot of proceeds to continue eating.


  1. I hope she starts feeling better soon!

  2. Awwww poor Jan!! Me and Charlie hope you all get on her bed and sleep soundly and happily!!! We hope Jan is feeling better too!! Good luck with your new designs!!
    Take care

  3. We think our Mommy should be able to sleep just fine with seven kitties on the bed. So should Jan!
    But we'll send her big purrs to feel better.

  4. Funny, our Mom has the same problem at night. We all gather around her and sometimes she feels totally squished so she starts pushing us off the bed.
    Hope Mom feels better and gets some rest poor thing.

  5. Make sure your Mom gets plenty of rest and y'all take good care of her!

  6. Heh. I can't believe your human does not want your healing purrs. Although I must admit, you guys seem to come with some extra added madness mixed in...

  7. I hope tonight finds Jan feeling a little better. I want all of you to be nice to her for a change and help her to get better. The sooner she gets better the sooner she will work for you.
    Love the photo of Santa Buddy. Should I give him my list of tings that I would like for Christmas or send to the North Pole? Want to get to the Zazzle store and see what new designs you have come up with. That is loads of work for you! Get better soon.

  8. You guys needs to let Jan sleep once in awhile you know. Humans get cranky if they don't get enough sleep.


  9. WHAT! You're Mom shuts the door on you too??? Ours does to every now and then. She says she can't move between just the two of us, me and Cleo. Anyhow Mom says she sure hopes Jan gets caught up on her sleep soon.


  10. Be nice with her.
    It is not funny to be sick!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Wow, you guys got kicked off the bed? We hope Jan heals fast so that doesnnt happan again.

    TBT hasn't been sick for so long, he can't even describe it ta us. But sick Beins sound bad.

  12. We hope Jan gets better real soon -how mean is that to ban you from your bed!
    Hope you are feeling better soon Jan

  13. sounds like nobuddy is getting much sleeps over there. eesh.

  14. We hope Jan feels better real soon! Let her rest a little ... it seems that humans need that once in a while. Go figure.

  15. Oh oh, we hope Jan feels better soon so you can all sleep peacefully.

  16. WE are purring Jan gets better soon.


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