Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Georgia and Friends in Need

Hi, I'm the senior member of the Funny Farmers, so I asked to introduce today's subjects since we have a senior dog and a senior cat to post on today.

Sadly, a breeding dog living 13 years on the end of a 2-foot chain and then being dumped on a shelter to be killed is not uncommon. But this one dog, now named Georgia, was pulled and will be headed to Maine for a totally different life in her senior years.

This is a video of Georgia's first taste of freedom.She's really enjoying it.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

We are sending lots of purrs and tail wags to two of our very ill friends.

Dr. Tweety's Auntie Stinkie is 18 1/2 years old and might have a tumor in her nasal cavity near her brain. It's risky to put older animals under an anesthetic so the vet can't check for one. She is currently on antibiotics in case it is an infection. You can visit Auntie Stinkie at Dr. Tweety & da Fab 5 blog

And Inigo's vets recommended he be PTS yesterday but his family just couldn't do it. He will see the pet cardiologist next week and if necessary, the decision will be made then. Meanwhile he is very happy to be home and enjoying the new Kritter Kondo. You can visit Inigo at the Rumblebum blog.

Those of you who know Sammy and Andy have probably heard their mom needs emergency help right now to have a place to live and to not lose the kitties. You can visit Sammy and Andy's blog but the details and donate button are at The Taylor CatSSS blog.

Jan asked to interfere with our post uh, say a few words about the problems we've been posting on about smelly Purina food, but she decided to wait so she doesn't put our readers to sleep.  Maybe we should rephrase that.  No, from our perspective it's definitely so she doesn't put you all to sleep.  But she thinks it's because we're about to click "publish."  She agreed to wait till another day to give you an update.


  1. Oh that poor dog. I cannot imagine how it survived living on a 2 foot chain. That is just horrible.
    I have been to visit all those poor sick kitties. It is just all too sad.

  2. Mom is sitting here with wet stuffs running down her cheeks after seeing Georgia -

    Of khourse, Georgia has a furry good mentor there in that pawesome Malamute!

    Too many of Mom's Xterra guests have been on a chain - she knows the signs and makes sure they get EXTRA extra love -

    We've been thinking about our khytty pals in need too - we don't think Inigo is ready to go yet - his floooooof is hanging tough!


  3. My heart breaks for breeding doggies. I'm so happy that Georgia will have a new life in her golden years. Praying for the sick kitties.

  4. What depressing news all round!

  5. Kind of a sad week this week. My heart is aching for Inigo and the decision his mom must make.

  6. It is just beyond belief that someone would chain a dog like that to make money off her misery. We;re very happy for Georgia but can't help thinking about all the other poor dogs and cats who are neglected and abused and are never saved. Makes us weep.


  7. That dog just made me start crying. You could tell she hadn't used her back legs in forever and was old and had never been out walking in a yard. I'm still crying ...

  8. That poor sweet woofie is finally getting some loving, hooray for her. We are so sad about our sick friends and the difficult time that Sammy & Andy are having.

  9. Oh Gracie!!! Poor poor Gracie. I'm just so glad she is free now and that her senior years will be lived out happily and comfortably!!! Thank you lovely people for rescuing her and for giving her a beautiful home and a place for her to explore and discover! What a treat for her after all the horrid years she lived through!

    We are sending millions of hugs to Inigo, Auntie Stinkie and Sammy and Andy!!

    Take care

  10. I love that video of Georgia enjoying her freedom. Thank you for sharing that beautiful moment with us.

    Teddy, CC-man and their mom

  11. That poor girl. Glad she's free now.

  12. We are soooooooooo glad that Georgia has found a loving home.

    Mama, Kaci and I (Hershey) cannot understand why people can be so cruel - after all we are supposed to be man's best friend.

    Love -


    P.S. Mama says thank you for the birthday wishes.

  13. can people be so HORRID???

    We watched Georgia explorin' and some of the sadness went away...

    And how lucky are we dogs in this house and don't even know it...

    Thank you for making us appreciate our freedom...

    Love you,

    Scruffy, Lacie and Stanley


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