Monday, November 22, 2010

Aoise, Abusers and Zazzle

We just lost two friends over the weekend and now another.

The beautiful Aoise left for the bridge today - on her mom's birthday. We are so sad for her loss. Please go by and leave a kind note for her. Her blog is Aoise's World.

We are in shock after reading this horror story about a service dog dying at the hands of two idiots INCOMPETENT, ABUSIVE,  UNLICENSED "pet groomers" who came to the house to clip the dog's toenails.  Charges should be filed against them!  You can read the story with more detail  here.  And the Examiner story which includes a link to another source as well as a petition here.

We were having problems with arranging our designs in our Zazzle store and this was finally fixed. Our latest designs are now at the top where they should be.

Only we found Saturday evening that while fixing this, Zazzle evidently broke something else. Shoppers are supposed to be able to click on any design/folder to view products using that design. However, it is now impossible to view any of our store merchandise or to purchase anything.

This is extremely frustrating, as this is the height of the shopping season. If you have visited our store lately and been unable to shop, please be patient. We put in a repair request over the weekend but have no idea how long it will take them to fix it. We hope you will return when our storefront is working again. We do have some nice designs for Christmas cards. You can visit our Zazzle store here.

UPDATE: The Zazzle problem is now fixed. Whew!


  1. How do you kill a dog when you're just supposed to clip its nails?! Grr. I could go read the article and find out but it would only make me mad.

  2. I am so sad to hear another one has left us, I just went by. That is disgusting about the poor woofie.

  3. We went and visited Aloise's beans. So sad everyone having to go to the bridge.
    That is a terrible story about the service dog. They should be charged with something.
    Take care and have a fantastic week.

  4. Glad the Zazzle store is fixed. We didn't know Aoise, but are very sad for her Mom. We will drop in and comfort her.

    Mommy is really glad Fenris survived having his nails clipped. The groomer was highly recommended by our vet or Mommy wouldn't have left him. They didn't have a problem bathing him but they will NEVER clip his nails again. (sigh) we guesses this means Mommy will have to do it. But Mommy wonders why one her could do it when supposedly a professional groomer with 9 other people to help couldn't. And Mommy admits FENRIS HATES having his nails clipped. If he didn't give her such a hard time she wouldn't have took him to the groomer in the first place.

    There is no excuse for the poor doggie being killed.

  5. Oh we are so mad no charges were filed against the groomer involved in Gooch's death

  6. How on earth can you kill a por dog by clipping its nails. I am almost too scared to go see. Another little one gone to the bridge. It is such a sad time at the moment with so many leaving. Hugs GJ x

  7. Me and Charlie went over to visit Anoise grieving family's blog. We are very sad for them!

    As for Gooch's story, my goodness!! I have so signed the petition to get these murderers prosecuted and to get poor Gooch and his owner justice. How outrageous!!! It pains me to read how Laurie Crouch had to watch unable to stop these *spit* people as they killed her dog.

    I shall go to the zazzle store now to view nice things to calm down!

    Thanks for these important info and links!!! And thanks for your kind words about Charlie!!

    Take care

  8. I'm not reading the story because like Dennis it would make me mad. Morons. Hope you are well.

  9. I read that article about the "groomers" who put a choke collar on him lifted him by the leash and then SAT on him rupturing organs! If he were human, it would be murder no question! I am not sure how exactly his being a dog makes it different.

    We hope your Zazzle shop is quickly fully functional and that orders pour in. Thanks for your kind words about Puff joining our family.

  10. Sorry to know about your friend.
    It is very sad what happened to that service dog! i can't believe it!
    Glad you fixed your site!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  11. Meeoow from Pisi and Squeak! So sorry about Aoise! And thanks for sending some new friends our way! Our Big Two Legged One (BTLO) uses her own handle, but believe me this hello and gratitude is from the cats! Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. We dint know about Cotton. Another one ta purr for and the famblies...


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