Sunday, November 07, 2010

Rusty, Auctions and Calendar

Rusty:  Oops, I didn't realize ... you caught me taking ... uh, hi.  I have a lot of information for you today and I was trying to look my best before I started the post.  Percy started typing without me. 

We just want to catch up on some misc. items today.  Many of you are already aware of the things we're posting but if so, a reminder won't hurt.  :)

Our friend Rusty left for the bridge yesterday. at age 19.  He had a good long life and he will certainly be missed.  Purrs and tail wags for his family.  Please visit Rusty's blog and leave a message if you haven't yet had a chance.
Graphic by KC of the CB

UPDATE - We are only posting about the following two auctions for your information.  We have nothing to do with either one..  Follow the links for either Furriends of the CB or Auntie Deb's emergency auction.  Thank you.

Cross your paws that Sammy & Andy's mom will get the new place to live next week. If you aren't aware yet, Auntie Deb is holding an emergency auction for them to help them move from a dangerous area. You can read more about it on Sammy & Andy's blog.  If you'd like to check out the auction, click here. More items will be added.

Also the Furriends of the CB auction for Derry has started and will run through the 20th of November. Stop by and bid.

The call has been out for photo submissions for the CB's 2011 calendarAll furry friends are invited - cats, dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters, etc.  The deadline is Monday, November 15, so submit your photos.  Those that have left for the bridge can be submitted too.  We sent in one photo of each of us and one of Crystal who passed away earlier this year. If we remember correctly, there will be a special section for bridge furries.

We have one more item (that we can remember) but we think we'll save it for tomorrow.


  1. We're sending purrs to Rusty's family, that their heartache eases. And we're purring for Sammy and Andy and their family that they get the new apt -- we just saw that on their blog. Paws crossed!

    Derry and the mom thank you very much for adding the auction graphic to your sidebar; we appreciate it!

  2. Awww sweet Rusty!!! Thanks for these info!! Me and Charlie have sent our purrs to Rusty's family - it really is very sad! :-(

    And thanks for the info on these fab auctions!! Sammy and Andy and their mum and Derry and his mum are just adorable and lovely!!

    Me and Charlie are currently bidding on both auctions - it's all so exciting! Take care

  3. We will miss our pal Rusty, what a wonderful life he had.

  4. Lot's of informatoin at your place today and I appreciate all of the news. I was sorry to hear about Rusty and visited them earlier in the day.

    I have added a ps to the bottom of my post tonight to find out if that kittie liter is OK for you to us. I have asked that anyone that knows anything get back to you.

    Thanks for promoting the auctions. The more that knows the more $$$ we should be able to raise and help those in need.

  5. Hey you guys are good typists! Care to come and help me? SS has shoulders arms/shoulders and my paws are too big for the keyboard.

  6. How about your pets? haven't heard about them in ages.

  7. So much stuff going on...

    Thanks fur sharing it!


  8. Lots of things to share with us today!
    Thanks a lot!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Thanks for the info on the auctions.
    Lucy has been to the vets again this afternoon and had another jab of long lasting antibiotic and another syringe of the nasty thick white medicine. The vet says to try and mix a little with her food tomorrow if she won't take it from the syringe. That should be another adventure for Lucy and mum!!


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