Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans Day Ceremony

Today is Veterans Day in the United States and Jan celebrated by attending the local ceremony at the courthouse. She said we can share some of her photos, including one you aren't going to believe. We actually convinced her to have someone take her picture today and she has given us permission to publish it. Yep, her first public photo.
This is the Color Guard leading the Upson-Lee High School Navy JROTC .

The Color Guard has veered off and headed toward the podium.  The rest of the group will line the street behind the veterans and onlookers in attendance.

Here is the Color Guard again.

 And again.

Most of the attendees stand, but a few of the older veterans have a seat.

If we understand correctly, the 5 humans in the first row in this photo include one LAVFW (Ladies Auxiliary VFW) state officer on the left and several veterans. The local post Cdr is in the middle and the past post Cdr/current Jr. Vice is on the right.

 The gentlemen on the left in wheelchairs are veterans who were brought from a nursing home for the ceremony.

The group wearing the white jackets comprise the Upson-Lee High School Marching Band.

This is the beginning of the wreath laying ceremony. Each cadet is assigned to lay a wreath for one of the following groups -
World War 1
World War II
Korean Conflict
Vietnam Conflict
Persian Gulf & Iraq

CDR Malcolm Williams performed Amazing Grace on the bagpipes.

A member of the U-L HS Marching Band played Taps to close the program.

One of Jan's favorite folk in Thomaston - he's always open to questions - police chief Greathouse.

And the photo you've all been waiting for - Jan's internet debut.
Yes, that is Jan with the yellow VFW apron and a bucket of Buddy Poppies and the little American flag.  She asked a bystander to take a photo of her while the veterans gathered for a group photograph.  There were a lot of people moving about and we figure someone must have jostled the woman's arm when she snapped the photo.  For some reason Jan thinks this headless picture is the best shot ever taken of her.   And, honestly, we didn't crop her head out. 

And our final photo, after the ceremony ended the veterans assembled for a group photograph.  We applaud every one of them for their dedication and service.

UPDATE ON KITTENS: Josh, the Petsense manager, left us a comment today regarding the kittens with the respiratory illness that are up for adoption. "The kitties have been taken to the vet for evaluation. We should have them back soon." We were really worried the shelter would just take them back and .... we don't want to finish the sentence. If you missed the kittens, you can see them here.


  1. Great post guys. Just not to sure of that headless shot of Jan? - It's kind of spooky.


  2. Wonderful post for this Remembrance Day (Canada, UK, etc.) and Veteran's Day. Funny, but our mom thinks headless pics are the best ones of her too!

  3. Awwww yay!! Jan's public debut and her pics of a public ceremony are just priceless!! Yay for Jan!!! What a lovely lovely way to commemorate today. Thank you for sharing! Take care

  4. wow great photos! we love a parade and this one is a very honorable parade. We are so fortunate to have such a brave and selfless military.
    For that we have a great country. We owe them so much.

    Your vest is very attractive and you got carry pretty poppies to give out to generous donations!


  5. That photo of Jan is hilarious! When my human sees some photos of herself, she wishes that her head HAD been cut off in them! The rest of the photos of the veterans were great too... the ceremony looks like it was a wonderful way to honor them.

  6. What a great ceremony fur a furry special day!

    I know woo won't believe it but that is just as I pikhtured her!



  7. These pictures are great, thank you for sharing!

  8. Thanks for sharing your Veterans Day Ceremony!
    Headless... those are my mom's favorite pictures of her!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. Actually, your phot looks just as we imag...just kidding! ;-D

    Loved the Veteran's day photos!

  10. Lovely post. I enjoyed seeing what your town did and we almost got to see Jan.. MOL.. Brilliant.. HUgs GJ x

  11. Awesome pics ~ and the best one is Jan! Although we wish we could see her head! MOL!

  12. How nice that Jan was able to go to the ceremony. Our mom is mad because her company didn't do the normal honoring of all of the veterans. She's sure it's because the people who would normally coordinate the event were ALL gone, but she's still upset.

    Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

    P.S. Are you all SURE you didn't crop Jan's head???

  13. Wonderful tribute. Afraid that the veterans and under thought about. At least one day a year we can remember them and all that they have done.

  14. Great post! What a terrif parade & ceremony.

    Well done Jan on your pictures.

    Shame about your headless one!

    have a great weekend

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletx


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