Monday, November 29, 2010

Wags and Tags and Winnie

Today is Cyber Monday - the Monday after Thanksgiving and one of the busiest shopping days of the year for online retailers, so this seems like a good day to post our review for Wags and Tags.

Wags and tags has a line of quality dog tags for the elite dog or for the causal canine, such as Merci.  Above are two of the sterling silver dog bowls, one with a bone of solid 14K yellow gold and one of polished 925 sterling silver. (Sorry, but none of the photos Jan took do the tags justice.)  There are other choices - Diamond bone inlay; Cubic zirconia bone inlay; Silver bone inlay with a single cubic zirconium.

The back of the tag is stainless steel so the information won't rub off.   The dog tag would be engraved with the dog's name and phone number on the back at no additional charge. If you go to customize tag at you can see how to order the center bone of your choice and how the engraving will look on the back.

Merci chose the silver bone.  Her tag is a medium, about the size of a quarter. 

Jan obligingly attached the bale/connector (top of the tag) which is made of stainless steel instead of sterling silver for additional support so the tag doesn't get lost to the double split ring and added it to Merci's collar.  Jan suggests you find a man with strong fingers to do all the attaching.  She learned the hard way the double split ring is s-t-r-o-n-g!  Her fingers don't work as well as they need to so it was slow going for her. She wore a hole in her finger trying attach the tag to the collar.
After cleaning up the blood, she found out the new tag was hiding behind Merci's rabies tag so you couldn't see it.  :( 

A few days later, Jan tried again.  And finally succeeded. Doesn't Merci look pretty?  She is actually camera shy and hard to get to sit for a photo. (Oh, did Jan ever want to buy Merci a new collar to go with the pretty tag!)
There are also matching owner pendants.  We don't know if you can engrave information on the back of the pendants for humans - probably not - but we think it would be a good idea.  It takes 3 of us to keep Jan in line so she doesn't wander off when we walk her. What if she got lost?  How would we describe her so someone could recognize her if she was found? And with her memory would she even remember her name?

UPDATE: Sandy, the owner of Wags and Tags, advises us that the matching owner pendant can be engraves on the back at no extra cost.  So if you're concerned about your human wandering off and not finding her way home ....

Wags & Tags is available at fine boutiques throughout the country and online at Follow them on Twitter @WagsTags.

From now through January 13, 2011, you can use a $20 coupon with a purchase. The promo code is easy to remember: JFF.

In keeping with the FTC disclosure guidelines, Wags and Tags furnished us with a sample tag for Merci to test, but we were not paid to review the product.

We're very sad that Space Paws has lost their 16-year-old Winnie. She left on her new adventure on the 20th but it was too painful for them to post the information. It's always difficult when it's time to say good-bye.  If you haven't already, we hope you will stop by The Adventures of Space Paws to read Winnie's story and leave a message.

And even though Gracie (and her mom) never ask for praise and always ask not to tattle, we want to send many, many thanks to her for the beautiful Christmas header she made for us. It was a wonderful surprise and Jan cried when she saw Crystal in the picture over the mantel. Of course, it didn't ... sniff .... bother any ... sniff, sniff ... of us. Does any cat have a handful of extra tissues?


  1. Awww me and Charlie love your new header!! Awww it's brilliant!! Wonderful!! Yay for Gracie and her mum!!! :-)

    And we think Merci is just adorable - what a pretty doggie so elegant and the tags really suit her!! Yay!

    Oh we were so sad to read about Winnie! Hugs to Space Paws!!!

    Take care

  2. The new header is terrific! I think those tag thingys are really nice too. And we were all sad to read about sweet Winnie this morning.

  3. Cool tags. We love your header.
    Benny & Lily
    sorry to hear about Winnie

  4. Your header is beautiful!!! Merci is just such a lovely woofie!!! The tags are a great idea!!!

    We went and visited Winnie's mommy.

  5. Where to start...
    Where to start...

    The header!
    The tag!!


    PeeEssWoo: We have had lots of split fingernails here over those kind of attacherthingies!

  6. Your new Christmas header is so cool.

    I love those cool tags. But it would be too big on my scrawny neck.

    Awe, so sorry for Winnies, family to have her head to the bridge so close to Christmas.


  7. We like the new header a lot. We got given a new one too, but we are waitin fer December...

  8. Oh you were doing so good, don't cry Jan. :)

    Love the new header, and I want to see my girls wearing that fancy gear!

  9. Those tags are simply beautiful!
    I am sorry to know about your friend Winnie.
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Merci looks gorgeous with the new tag!! Those tags look awesome by the way.. and ohhh.. matching owner pendants too!! Time to get our mom to do some online shopping for our Christmas presents...

  11. We love your Christmas Header - Gracie and her mom have done a wonderful picture for Chrismas.
    We were so sorry to hear about Winnie - such sad news.

  12. Oh, Jan, thank you so much for honoring sweet Win! I'm in tears as I write this, but good tears. Your kindness is so appreciated, hon!

  13. We have some extra tissues. We thinks your header is pawsome and loved that Crystal was included.


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