Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Welcome Petsense

Last month we mentioned Petsense is coming. Your response was the same as ours - what's a Petsense?

Well, today we have an answer for you. This is a Petsense.
Sorry the name is cut off but the sun was shining right into the camera and Jan had to stand sideways in the traffic lane (in front of a car) to get a shot.

It's something we needed - a pet store that sells pet food brands we can't buy in this area and pet-related supplies.  It also has a grooming "parlor" inside.  The store opened last week and is having several drawings for neat prizes, so anyone in Upson or surrounding counties come on by, check out the store and put your name into one or all of the bins for the drawings.  It's on Highway 19 in the shopping center right next to Wal-mart, so you can't miss it.

We think it's very unfair because we didn't get to visit the store and Jan only entered her own name.  We think she should have filled out a slip for each one of us for each drawing.  We're the furries, not her, so that seems only right.  Okay, so she'd get writer's cramp.  Aren't we worth it?

It also has about a dozen cages where cats from the county animal shelter can be displayed for adoption. Several kittens are the first "residents."  Unfortunately, they all developed a respiratory illness and we fear for the outcome.

But we'll share a few of the photos Jan took.  She wouldn't let us share the better ones because she wants to make designs from them.

There are actually 3 black kittens in this cage.  One is asleep in the litter pan. Notice the spot of red color to the left.  Each cage has a toy or two, something they wouldn't have at the shelter. 

The one on the right kept trying to jump down or climb to the next cage.  Now the one on the left appears to be considering the same move.
Now this one was taken just a second before the talker on the right leaped onto Jan's shoulder and started purring.  Regretfully, she decided it might be safer to take photos through the bars.  It was nice of Josh, the manager, to let her open the cages to try for good shots, though.

This little one never moved around.  He must have really felt bad.  He was asleep a few minutes later.

Look at those get-me-out-of-here and take me home eyes.  

This little guy looks forlorn. 

This shot isn't very clear but we included this little tuxie because it looks like a young Cameron.  Except Cameron has very dark eyes. 

Well, that's our tour.  We're not paid tour guides. We're just letting you know what a Petsense is. 


  1. So Petsense must be like a Petsmart or Petco? We think they should give you some free bags of food and treats for this PSA you did for them. Cute kitties - hope they find good homes.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  2. Oh poor kitties looking for homes! Awwww! Me and Charlie hope that they are treated asap for their illnesses - poor things!! Awwww! We also hope they find good and loving homes - they are all adorable!

    It's great though that there's a shop for all your pet's or pets' needs! Yay!!

    Take care

  3. That looks like a really nice store! I always appreciate it when stores take the time to feature cats & dogs that need homes.

  4. Looks nice, I hope they take care of those little ones.

  5. I know which aisle would be my furavourite!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    Mom says their little faces remind her of the nice Beth Lady's blog - so sad yet hopeful -

    Paws khrossed Jan will win something fur woo!


  6. Nice to have a new option. Yes, your mummy should have put you all forward. But mummies sometimes don't think things through :-)

  7. That sounds like a pretty neat store. I hope they get all of the furries feeling better and they find a furever home. The little black kitties are so cute. They remind me of my new nieces. Yes, you read right. I am going to blog about them next week. They don't live in Italy but in Indy.

  8. I dream with a store like that here!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. It's hard to not want to take every one of them home. I've never heard of Petsense, but it sounds like a nice store.

  10. Annie said she hopes the all little kuries there get homes soon, she was homeless one time too.
    as were Misti, Gyp and Mollie.and she hopes the store does good and Jan wins some goodies- We have Petsmart around here-they also show the furies- we pray all get home from there too..
    KC..[ the typer fro Annie ]

    take care GentleAnnie2

  11. Thanks for the mention, Jan. The kitties have been taken to the vet for evaluation. We should have them back soon.

  12. Petsense sounds like a good playse

    duz dey lets you walk your doggie dehr?

    We amz worried bout dem kitty babiz too. kin u finds out bout dem?

    purz n hugs n stuffs

    Katie Too

  13. It's good to have a well sorted pet shop nearby. Mom orders some of our food on the internet but likes to go to a shop too. This is especially good for trying small quantities - and for coming home with yet another toy. How terrible that all of the kitties got a respiratory illness. We're crossing our paws that they will treat them and not simply get rid of them.
    Thank you for purring for our furriends who lost two cats. We know they feel them in Chile.
    Siena & Chilli


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