Monday, November 08, 2010

Sam, Jake & Fergi

Sam: Hey, wanta hear a joke?  This walrus waddled into a bar and ..  Cotton, stop poking me.  What do you mean it better be a clean joke?  This walrus took a bath first.  Okay, okay, I'll skip the joke and get right to our post for today.

We're thinking of getting a nice barstool so the clean walrus can come visit and I can finish my joke in peace. But the rest of the Funny Farmers are shaking their heads at me.  Stay turned ... I mean, keep watching ... we'll let you know what we finally agree on.  

As usual, we're running behind on posting news, but maybe that's okay because if all pet bloggers posted on the same subject at the same time, who would remind us all of what is coming?  So we're not really late, we're just joining the queue so you don't forget.

Last year Snickers was very ill and the Two Special Wires,  Jake & Ferg,i wanted to do something nice for their friend.  We remember reading about this but we missed it, most likely because our computer was down again.  And although dear Snickers has since left for the bridge, this act will be repeated annually.

As Jake & Fergi explained it to us -

The Worldwide Moment started last year with thoughts of a friend's ill dog in mind. Snickers (a wire fox terrier) was dying of canine olfactory cancer, and we simply wanted to rally as many of our friends as possible to send healing thoughts, simultaneously, to Snickers and her family, all at one very specific time. The idea took off and soon hundreds of people were participating, all around the globe. We all simply stopped what we were doing at 11:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time (4:00 PM in Denver) and were simultaneously silent for one minute. Thinking of Snickers .... or whomever. Then we all broke into some kind of chorus. It was powerful realizing hundreds of families around the globe were doing this all at the same moment. And it was decided to repeat the minute, annually. So, the same date and time were set.

You can email Jake & Fergi for the code -- be sure you have the corrected code - to the countdown clock for your sidebar. Click on the graphic or click here for the email address and further details.

We have a number of ill furry friends as well as human friends at this moment and we have lost quite a number of them in the past year. We will be thinking of them. Hope to "see you" there.


  1. w00fs, we finally remember to post about it was a powerful moment last year...made us think we were helping in some way..will b there again this year..

    b safe,

  2. We're participating next Sunday, have the graphic on our sidebar. :-)

    Gee, there are so many fabulous cyber, life-inspiring things we never knew about before we joined the CB!

  3. Sam you silly sweetie!! "The walrus too a bath first" - LOL!!!!!!!! :-) Well I think it's funny, Charlie just groans!

    Awww thanks for this info - how special and what a lovely way to remember all our furry friends. Me and Charlie will be observing the two minute silence on that same hour of that day for two reasons - for Snickers and all our beloved creatures and for Remembrance Sunday too!! So they're all good!! Take care

  4. thanks for the heads up - I'll try to remember to participate.

    Hope you guys get something cool to try out.


  5. What a wonderful event. Thank you for letting us know. We will get it posted on our blog too. Have a happy day :)

  6. Will put the mom to worl on the World Wide Moment. I won't take bets that the mom will get the code but will make her give it a try.
    Hey, I want to know about the walrus. You need to always finish what you start so please finish the joke.
    What did Jan decide to do about the tire liter? Just curious.

  7. I think woo should take your akht on the road and do a khomedy tour!


  8. You are sooo funny!
    I am ready for the WWM!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. i wanna hear the rest of the joke...

  10. I'm wif all of you sweet JFFs was magical and i will cewtainly be doing it again this yeaw..sadly, thewe awe always fuwwfwiends in need of ouw good thoughts and pwayews and howls
    thank you fow the wemindew
    smoochie kisses

  11. Doggone it Sam, I was waiting and hoping that you would finish the joke. You'll have to finish it one day.


  12. hey ... what happened to the rest of the joke?

  13. Looking at that smile it was a great joke.. Love the smile. We will be there for sure.. See you there.. Hugs GJ x


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