Saturday, October 23, 2010

Texan, Cells and Smiles

Sam We have a couple of quick items for you today to make you smile.

But before we get to them, we'd like to send out get well wishes to a friend who is very active in assisting with dog rescue and transport. He had a scary heart procedure done and we're glad the old grouch (his words) will be able to continue his mission of helping The Orphans, as he calls the homeless and unwanted animals.. If you don't know Mark Crider, here's a news video from 2009.

He does a lot to help to help pets, including facing down those who ignore the Texas laws against leaving a dog living on the end of a chain without shelter, food or water. We're glad he is still with us and wish him a speedy and complete recovery. We'd all take our ten gallon hats off to you, Mark, but we don't own any.  We hope you'll settle for some purrs and tail wags.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

If we can find enough change in our typing chair from Jan's pockets, we're thinking of getting her one of these cell phones for Christmas.  The email said you have to be old as dirt to understand it but since Jan more than qualifies, we think she'd like one.

We like this LOL from I has a HotDog.  And it's true.  We drive Jan nuts trying to figure out what we've done. 


  1. We send the old grouch best wishes. It's important that people stand up when they see cruelty and he is certainly doing his part.

    Deb loved the cell phone -- about her speed! Freckles needs push buttons -- those dials just don't work with her paws!

  2. Our Momster understands the cell phone, but she thinks it isn't a good idea for Jan - get her a new fangled one instead.

    Paws crossed for the old grouch to be better.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  3. Woofs, hope the old grouch feels bettr soon..heehee mama cant figure out her cell phone either..

    b safe,

  4. I wish that lovely man all the best, he so deserves to be well. How awful that that poor dog suffered so. I am a placid person but thins like this make me want to put the owners on the end of as chain and leave them. Sorry rant over. I think a cell phone is a great idea but not sure about that one. lol

  5. Thanks for visiting me over at Halloween Spooktacular!

    I saw the 'old grouch' in the video, he seems a very nice man, hope he is feeling better soon.


  6. Oh poor poor Shepp! I'm in tears having just watched the clip - poor Shepp.

    I'm glad Mr Crider is ok. I hope he gets better and stronger! Good luck to him and to his colleagues. I hope Shepp's torture and death will not be in vain.

    Take care

  7. Hey there Funny Farmers. It is the infamous Auntie Deb coming to visit. Hope you are having a great day!

  8. Mark sounds like such a nice human and we send him our best purrs. Hey, that's while I smile all the time!

  9. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs and purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs to the awesome Mark who saves the needy woofies and kitties! What a great human.

    We need more and more and more beans just like him, even if they are grumpy

    Thank you for the nice thoughts and purrs for us. We appreciate it.

  10. I guess my mom is old as dirt because she understands that cell phone.

  11. TBT tells us he unnerstands the phone but doesnt want it cuz it isnt a "land-line".

    Whatever that means...

  12. Good lukhk with that cellphone order!


  13. LOLDogs always make me laugh. That is a good one. Sending my best purrs for Mark.


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