Thursday, October 21, 2010

Positive and Negative

Cameron     Our first story today is from a forwarded email we received from one dog rescuer in Texas and written by another.

We hear so much negative that I wanted to give a positive post. In January Robert at PVAC (we believe this to be Palm Valley Animal Center) reached out for help in placing Nevada a Dogo Argentino. PVAC policy is that no bully breeds are adopted back into the valley. Dogo rescue helped find a foster placement for her with a related rescue Boxers R Us in Holland Michigan. With that complete all we needed was transport for the 1600+ mile drive. Again through friends of friends of friends in rescue we got a trucker doing a drive from Ann Arbor Michigan to Edinburg Tx.... And Nevada was off to start a new life.

I have gotten many updates but I had to share last nights. Nevada is a bonafide HERO. She was adopted by a young couple with children and chi-chis. Last night in the early morning hours their home was broken into. Nevada sensing the danger to the family of the intruder coming in through the kitchen window took a serious BITE out of crime. The police told the couple there is no telling what could or would have happened without Nevada's presence there. Just thought you would all enjoy a positive update of what happens when we all work together.      Nancy C

We decided to include a bonus today. Must have something to do with being old because we don't get it but Jan thought it was hilarious and said when she starts doing this, it will be time to retire from the computer.

Our second story is also a positive one - basically.  This is a recent story by a vet on the fact that Massachesetts was the first state to criminalize devocalization of cats and dogs this year.  We have written on this subject before and would like to see it become a crime in every state.  The negative part of the story is that anyone would ever consider such surgery for a healthy animal.  Shane on those who took the "easy way out" and had such horrible surgery performed on animals for their own convenience.  Anyone who does not want to hear a dog bark or a cat meow should not have one because just as babies are going to cry animals are going to vocalize.

Excerpts from the story (emphasis ours) -
Devocalization, also known as debarking, is surgery that either cuts or removes an animal’s vocal cords. The primary target is dogs, but less frequently, cats are ‘de-meowed’ as well.

Many veterinarians today refuse to perform the surgery for non-therapeutic reasons, because the result is strictly for the convenience of the pet owner, breeder or other caregiver. It provides absolutely no benefit to the animal and is widely considered inhumane, similar to canine ear cropping and tail docking and declawing of cats. Devocalization is no longer taught in many veterinary medical schools.

Those still in favor of the procedure claim it can mean the difference between a vocal dog or cat staying with his family or being surrendered to a shelter. However, there is no evidence to support the theory that pets are given up by their owners for being ‘too noisy.’

However, according to Beth Birnbaum of the Coalition to Protect and Rescue Pets -- a non-profit, all volunteer organization that was instrumental in getting the Massachusetts law passed -- it is not individual dog owners who want their pets devocalized.

It is dog breeders, sled dog racers, show dog exhibitors and people who collect dogs for profit or hobby. Coalition volunteers have been involved with hundreds of devocalized dogs and cats, and all but a handful of the procedures were arranged by breeders. One animal was devocalized at the request of a hoarder.

We applaud Massachusetts for stepping forward to protect dogs and cats from unnecessary pain and suffering through convenience devocalization. You can read the rest of this story by Dr. Becker here.


  1. Great Job Nevada! You are lucky to have found loving people to live with & watch over. Great job to all those who helped get you to your new home.

  2. Those were good stories fur sure and that Nevada is a special hero!!!

  3. Devocalization is animal cruelty. We hope it is made illegal every place.

  4. Excuse me?!?! Devocalisation?!?!? Seriously?!? Oh my goodness. :-( I feel sick. :-( What unethical greedy vet would agree to do this procedure let alone the animal's owner?? And it's legal and practiced in some places?!?!

    Oh I think I need to make me some herbal tea to calm down. How awful.

    Oh Nevada!! You bark and howl away and scare those nasty burglars and protect your family! You go GIRL!! Woof woof and Hoooooooowl!!!

    I think I did try to tippex the screen once. Ahem. :-)

    Take care

  5. I just cant beieve anyone would do that to any poor cat or dog. I am so glad Nevada found someone to love and care for him.. Hugs GJ x

  6. I am thinking that Nevada should get a medal for being so brave! He was put in that furever home for a reason and I think we found out early what that was.
    I didn't realize that there was such a thing as surgery that would keep the furries from their sweet noices that we can make. That should be illegal in all places. That is beyond terrible!!!

  7. "devocalisation" OMG talk about euphemisms!

  8. As we've shared in the past, the sounds we've heard from 'debarked' dogs make my flesh crawl PERIOD

    Way to go Nevada!

    Khyra's Mom

  9. Yes! Nevada is pawesome!
    That devocalization thing is awful!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Yay for Nevada! I am so glad that she found a forever home to protect. Yay for making devocalization illegal. I wish it were illegal everywhere.

  11. Good for Nevada!!

    Mama always threatens to take out Sammy's meower, but she would never really do it. She can't imagine anyone actually doing something like's just sick!

  12. Good job, Nevada! Way to step up, McGruff-style and take a bite out of crime! :)

    Good for Massachusetts for outlawing devocalization. It's so sad that such a barbaric and selfish thing even exists. We hope other states and municipalities follow suit.

    And MOL on the lady using liquid paper on the computer screen!


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