Friday, October 01, 2010

Video and Auction

You've probably already noticed that Gracie and KC of the CB are holding an auction for us Funny Farmers. Gracie's mom made the special, lovely header graphic.  If you notice, there are 9 dogs and cats in the picture.  All bloggersl hate to remove a name from a signature and a furry from a header and when we looked at the original, we so missed Crystal.   So Gracie kindly added him so we could be together for this temporary header. Thank you, Gracie. 

You can visit the auction at Furriends of the CB Auctions

We're kind of excited here because yesterday Jan's brother came by to install a new video card and a DVI cable for our computer monitor.  We haven't had a video card since May and graphics have been a big problem.  Even viewing many of your blogs has been a hassle for us. The onboard video can't support this monitor or Photoshop Elements. We hope we're now "in business" for the coming holiday season.  Thank you, Mr. Doug! 

Well, we woofies have to go walk Jan now so we'll all wish you a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. Good Luck with the Auction!

    Love, Lucky & Co

  2. Best of luck with the auction, I will be going over there now. I love the header and am glad Crystal was added in. So glad you got the puter fixed. Hugs GJ x

  3. Good luck with the auction - they are always so wonderful and we hope it makes a lot!

    And that is great that the computer was upgraded - it is so frustrating when things just aren't doing what you want them too!

  4. Nice to have a good brother:)

    Good luck with the auction. we are going to go take a look.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  5. Gracie done good with the header! We'll go peek too!

  6. We've got the auction graphic on our sidebar; good luck!

  7. All the best to you. Glad your computer has been fixed too. It makes life that much better :)

  8. Awwww yay for Mr Doug!!!

    And yay for your auction!

    And look at your adorable header!! Yay for Gracie!!!

    I ordered a lovely bag from your zazzle store!! Me and Charlie can't wait!!!

    Take care

  9. I am so glad that you like the header and the photo with sweet Crystal. I sure miss him too. What a sweetie! Looks like the auction did a great amount of bidding today. There are many nice items and I have to keep checking to make sure the one I want has my high bid. I hope we can get lots of $$$$$ for you all.
    Yeah to the brother of Jan for helping with the computer and making it work better for you.

  10. We hope and purray the auction goes well! We're going to go take a look now. :)

  11. How pawesome when various plans khan khome together!

    Paws khrossed fur all of Mr Doug's efFURts to be sukhcessful!



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