Thursday, October 07, 2010

Pumpkins, Percy & Tigger

First, we have a fun video for you.  We didn't know cats like pumpkins but it looks like pumpkins might be to big cats what catnip is to smaller ones.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Artemisia, Scylla, Socks & Fenris are having a giveaway on their blog. A can of Clean + Green, one of our favorite products.  For our entry we choose to write a post telling them "why you love your fur sibling that isn't your species."  Well, that's an easy one. Take it away, Percy.

Percy:  I love my canine sister Merci because she saved my life when I was a tiny kitten.  I don't know what happened to my mother and baby siblings but I ended up all alone under a bush locked behind a fence on mill property.  Merci heard my cries for help and told Jan there was a kitten in there but Jan didn't believe her.  She claims I sounded like a bird - in fact, she first named me Birdie - and she tried to get Merci to move on.  But Merci wouldn't move or stop whimpering.  And then I crawled out from under the bush.  I was Merci's first kitten rescue. And Jan changed my name to Perseverance because I persevered.

We hope you are remembering to vote daily for the WBCL GiveLitter giveaway.  It ends November 8 and the amount of litter each shelter receives will depend on the number of votes.  So bookmark this somewhere you won't forget to vote daily.

Yesterday Samantha and Clementine posted a photo tribute to Mr. Tigger.  He has been  missing for a year. We continue to hope someone has taken him in and one of these days he will be back home with his family.  It is so hard to have a furry disappear. There is no closure, no resolution, but always a hope mixed with fear. Wherever you are, Mr. Tigger, you are missed.

As to our ongoing water "crisis," this plumber and his helper couldn't find a leak either.  He has to put in a request for whomever/whatever to come out to mark the gas, etc lines before they can dig.  So it will evidently be another 2 days or so before they come back. Kind of feels like watching a house burn down while the fire department searches for the keys to their engine.  Nowhere near that drastic, of course.  All this just leaves us with a helpless feeling as the water rolls - well, actually we have no idea where the water is rolling.  That's the biggest problem.


  1. What great siblings you is, a wonderful story! I hope you win!

  2. This water thing is dragging out far to long Jan, sorry you're still dealing with it!

  3. WOW....What a great video. Who knew that big cats liked pumpkins so much. They are like balls you can eat. Hmmm....we wonder what a pumpkin tastes like....MOMMMYYYYY....we want to try a pumpkin. We will get back to you on this!!! Thanks for the idea!

    The story of how Merci saved Percy is amazing!!! We think that you should win for sure!

    We hope that the plumber gets your water problem fixed soon!!!

    Much love!

  4. Now THOSE are some khool khytties!

    Thanks fur sharing the video!

    Paws khrossed fur your entry AND fur the water adventure part 87 -


  5. What a lovely furbling story!!! And we are sad that Mr. Tigger has yet to find his way home. Where ever he may be...we hope he's safe.

  6. Goodness we thought water this must have been sorted by now it's not right it has carried on so long
    we hope it's sorted out quickly.
    Wonder if it's the sweet water taste the big cats like with the pumpkins or if it's just a fun toy to play with.

  7. At this point we are wondering if there couldn't be something wrong with the meter.

    We loved your story and think Perseverance is a great trait to have and a wonderful name.

  8. It could be worse, you could be in that town in Tennessee where they watched the guys house burn down because they privatized the fire department and he didn't have $75 for the annual fee... he lost three dogs and a cat in that fire too. (We are horrified!)

  9. Amazing videos...cats will be cats. I have heard some not so good things about that BigCatRescue place though, even though the videos look nice.

    Thanks for the reminder to vote for the Litter...I keep forgetting to do it daily!

  10. That's a wonderful story...yep, you should win! Hey, that is a big cat! Yours?

  11. Awww thanks for showing the clips of the big cats finding their inner kitties to play with these pumpkins! Amazing - oh I loved that black jaguar/puma- beautiful!!

    Awww and Percy - thank you for sharing how your beautiful canine sister Merci found you!! Yay for Merci and Jan!! Me and Charlie are so glad you are now safe and sound!

    We continue to click for more litter! LOL!!

    Oh we thought the plumbers would find the leak!! Oh dear!!! I hope they keep looking!!! There's some water madness going on there! GOOD LUCK!! Take care

  12. We have seen bears at the zoo with pumpkins but this is the first time we saw a big cat with one!

    Adn Merci that is a great story about houw Percy saved you - we think it is a winner for sure!

    And oh, that water issue is just crazy - it stinks that it is going to be even more time now. It is just so ridiculous!

  13. That was a wonderful video. So nice to see that the cats are given stimulation like that. Biteys and bunny kicks by the big sweet :)

  14. Tigers and pumpkins - who would have thought it?

  15. I really enjoyed the video. That was fun watching them roll those pumpkins, play with them and eat them.

    I loved hearing how Merci saved Percy.

    Sure hope they get that rolling water taken care of soon. It has been flowing awhile now. Hugs

  16. I love the story!
    Good luck!
    Those "kitties" sure like the pumpkins!
    And good luck too with the water problem!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Sorry the water problems are dragging out... hate that helpless feeling! Purrs comin' to you!

  18. Percy, that's a great story!! Merci is your hero!!

    We hope they can figure out this leak thing soon...

  19. Oh dear - hope you sort your water problem soon.

    What a lovely letter from Percy to Merci.

    And what a great video! Who would have thought...pumpkins??!!

    Honey the Great Dane


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