Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dan Palmer, Hero to 3 Dogs

Unfortunately, this is just one example of animal abuse escalating into human abuse. We hope Dan Palmer will survive and be okay and the scum that beat him for asking them to stop beating the dogs will go to jail for a long time! And, please, may they never, never, never have access to any animal again! 

LONDON, Ont. - All Dan Palmer wanted to do was stop the dogs from being beaten.

Instead, Palmer was beaten and is clinging to life in critical condition at London Health Sciences Centre's Victoria Hospital
. You can read the rest of the story here.

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We just read that our area will be getting a Petsense retail store in the near future. We don't know whether that's an economical and good thing, since we've never heard of Petsense before. But we see it will have an adoption center that will work with the local shelter and rescues. That should be a good thing.  What is really needed, though, is a change of mind-set for those who are blind to the fact that animals are not trash to be chained and/or ignored or thrown away.


  1. Some humans...that species really needs to consider spay & neuter!

  2. That story was just awful. He tried to help and got severely injured - the jerks who did it derserve lots and lots of jail.

    we haven't heard of Petsense either but we are kind of curious about it now.

  3. Just terrible! :-( My thoughts and prayers go to Dan Palmer his friends and family and to those poor doggies that I hope are now safe and far far far away from these horrid men!

    Take care

  4. This just makes me sick. I just wish they would put the ones that beat the dogs outside and let the public take care of them. The would be more than fair.

    I don't know what Petsense is????

  5. We is hopin dat Dan gets okay soon, he did da right fing and poor guy paid fer it. We is also hopin the woofies are okay now!


  6. How horrible..I pway that Mr Palmew wecovews..he is an angel fow helping those doggies some hoomans awe not fit to live on this planet..
    I went to vote fwo youw fwiend.
    Thank you fow youw good thoughts fow my fwiends..Snowball is a bloggew fwom way back when I stawted and she hasn't kept it up since she's stawted getting she's cwitical..I saw it on facebook
    smoochie sad kisses

  7. More khrap that is just wrong...

    Grrrrr -


  8. What Brian said, definitely! Thanks for the post on the CB about Peaches the Siamese too. What a beauty and I hope she continues to blog after all.

  9. How sad. These people need to do a lot of jail time. Hoping and praying for Dan's full recovery. Hugs


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