Sunday, October 10, 2010

Puppy Mom Oinks

We have an interspecies video for you today.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

We weren't able to post the past few days because t's been crazy around here.  When Murphy ('s Law) moved in, he brought all his friends with him. 

You already know about our water leak.  Friday, the plumber and two helpers dug a hole  between the water meter and the house but the leak wasn't there.  It was somewhere between the water meter and the far corner of the house. That pipe ran under our dog pen, which would have to be dismantled for them to dig up the back yard. Thankfully, they ran new line under the house instead. Saturday Jan celebrated by washing the car before it gets too cold and we dogs each got a bath too. 

And remember the horrible smelling bag of Purina dog food?  Jan was afraid to replace it with the same product so she paid more to replace it with Purina ONE. She finally decided Wal-mart must be leaving their pet food sit in a hot, humid environment, and we really needed to switch to a less expensive food, so she went to Ingles and carried home a bag of Purina Dog Chow.  Imagine her surprise when she opened the bag the other night and was assailed with the same sickening odor. 

She had nothing else to feed us so she ended up walking two blocks to Ingles and carrying home a 20 pound bag of a more expensive dog food in the dark.  It was hours before she could breathe without smelling the dog food.  She has been unable to get the odor out of the ice chest she stored a plastic bag of the first batch in while waiting to be able to send a sample to Purina for testing.  Now she is having to throw out the plastic container she's used for dog food for years because she shoveled a couple of scoops of it out of habit and several days after disinfecting it, it was still smelling up the kitchen.

Two different smelly Purina products from two different stores within two months.  Jan is just leaping for joy at her good fortune.  (We hope you know we're being facetious.)

Jan contacted Purina with an angry message on their site and since Jan isn't sure whether she can get her money back at Ingles - not to mention she doesn't feel like carrying a 20 pound bag back - Purina has offered to refund the purchase price.  And we can't throw it out yet because they want a sample of this food for testing also.

We have also been having computer hassles.  Can't uninstall one program or update another.  Something about an invalid or wrong Drive E.  Don't ask us about Drive E. We think the computer is hallucinating.

This is only a sample of what has been going on since the first of the month.  Jan has been so busy she hasn't even had a chance to put the cleaning supplies back under the sink from a week ago when the landlord was here looking for the water leak.  She's been spending so many hours at the computer trying to find, fix, contact ....

Basically, we're fine.  Just super busy.  And we should be back to posting regularly in a day or two.


  1. Oh my, it has been a month so far, don't let that pig eat your food!!!

  2. What a great video!
    You Funny Farmers take good care of Jan...she sounds like she's about ready to go around the bend.

  3. Awwwww poor Jan!! Please give her lots of extra purrs and grrrs adorable kitties and woofies at Jan's Funny Farm!! She really needs a rest and a break from all that is happening! The Purina thing is just too weird!! It must be a spoilt batch or something! Oh dear!! Me and Charlie are so sorry about your noms!! :-(

    Oh my goodness - pc problems!! We have everything crossed that it'll be sorted out asap!! Good luck!!!!!

    Thanks for that amazing sweet clip of Mum Piggy and her piglet and puppy brood!! What a star!!!

    Take care

  4. We bet Jan is super mad about that food - that is horrible. And we know about water problems - they're No Fun either. Thank you so very much for stopping by our place for Zoe's Gotcha Day party - we were so happy to have you all! We actually bought our cat tree after seeing your review several months back. We love the tree so very much, so you all are kind of our heroes.

    Your friends, Fuzzy and Zoe

  5. I hope that everything gets work out.

  6. Pawesome video!
    Sure you have been having an interesting month.
    The water leak... smelly food.... the computer...
    I hope things will be better for you soon!
    Kisses and hugs

  7. Some months start off bad and get worse. Hope things get better for you.

  8. Oh Goodness! We hope things calm down soon!

    We loved the pig video, though...

  9. We had water problems in our old place. Not fun at all. And smelly foodies. Eewww. I hope they find out what the problem is. Poor Jan needs snuggles and woofie love and purrs from the kitties.
    I'm sending mine, too.

  10. Wow. You've got lots of stuff going on!! Sorry about all the problems in your dawg house.
    Me and the G are very curious to find out what Purina finds in that smelly food. That's if they ever tell you the truth. Ha!! At least you got your monies back.
    Goodl luck

  11. That is awful about the dog food, glad you are getting your money back. I wonder what was wrong with it...they should recall that batch. Your leak situation is sure taking awhile to get fixed. Sure hope things start looking up for all of you there.

    The video was sweet.

    Hugs and nose kisses for all from Chancy me and all the furries here.

  12. If we were taoist we might think you should do something to clean the bad luck out of your place - like some vigorous sweeping. Or at least moving those icky biscuits way way outside!

    Poor you. Hope the month improves.

  13. Glad everyone is OK.

    That is a bummer about the dogfood. Mommy will put Purina on the do not buy list, at least for now.

    Give Jan a hug for us, it sounds as if she could use a big one.

  14. Oink! I don't think even the pig shood eet that icky food. Thanks for coming to see me's good to be back blogging!

  15. Oh yuck about the foods poor Jan! I think they should do more than refund; I think you should get a few extra 20-lb bags for free! (You tell 'em Tober said so, maybe that will help?) Headbutts & purrs that October (my finding Month!) gets better for you!

  16. Here's to better days...

    How about starting...TOMORROW!


  17. Concatulations! You guys were one of our winners for the Clean+Green product!!

  18. Great video as usual!

    Glad your water problem is finally sorted!


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