Monday, October 04, 2010

Yes on Prop B, Missouri

Missouri has more puppy mills than any other state.  You have undoubtedly already heard about or seen the horrible conditions these animals live under.  Missourians for the Protection of Dogs has made a commercial to help spread the word about Proposition B so the laws can be reformed.  .

If the video doesn't play, click here.

We mentioned our water leak the other day so we'll give an update.  Jan has been sick with worry since Sunday morning - to the point she emailed the city and asked them to please send someone out today to turn off our water because she won't be able to pay the bill even with an "average" and "taking it off the rent."  She also asked how they got the number 72.  That's all they give you, two numbers. It's a whole lot easier to find the correct numbers when they match or are close. This time they were all over the place.  And yesterday Jan emailed all the numbers she's been seeing the past few days, asking where among them the 72 came from.

The city is sending someone out to take a reading and explain the numbers to her.  So perhaps it isn't as bad as Jan has feared.  Bad enough! But hopefully nowhere near the damages she's been expecting. See, something happened this morning to give her a clue she might have been reading the numbers wrong.

One good thing, she has not stuck her hands back in the hole since our landlord told her he killed two black widow spiders in there Saturday morning.  She used a crowbar to "clean" the face of the meter yesterday and this morning she was going to wipe it off properly, but first she stopped to look.  No webs to brush aside today, no spiders. 

But she knelt there for a couple of minutes and then the largest black widow she's seen started coming toward her.  She didn't know they moved that fast. When she stood up, she could see the fine web spun across the top of the hole.  Scared her so bad she didn't even put the cover back where it belonged.  So, please, if you cut across our lawn today, don't step in the water meter hole.  It's deep and you could break a leg.   
Have a purring and tail wagging day.  And if you live in Missouri, we hope you will vote Yes on Prop B.


  1. Puppy mills are absolutely horrible! Thanks so much for bring this issue to light.

    We sure hope things improve there for Jan. Hope that water gets turned off soon!

  2. Puppy Mills should just be a No Go!

  3. Puppy mills are all just so awful! We think it would be great if they would all (not just there) be shut down for good.

    And we hoe things get better there - we hope the reading is not as bad as expected, and that the water will be shut off and the leak fixed and just that everything is better there!

  4. Good luck with prop B!

    Me and Charlie hope Jan is ok now after that widow spider confrontation! Oh dear!! We have everything crossed that this meter reading thing will be resolved to everyone's satisfaction - mostly Jan's of course!!! Take care

  5. I would love to see puppy mills everywhere shut down and there be no more ever.

    Sure glad that spider did not jump on anyone. Hope the water situation is taken care of soon too.


  6. No more Puppy Mills -

    AND after they are khlosed, we take the owners of the mills and put them in Stupid Human Mills -

    Paws khrossed the water and the widows turn out fur the best -

    PeeEssWoo: The founder of the Taysia Blue reskhue had shared this on FB:

    I just received news of a puppy mill who calls themselves 'responsible breeder' who is going out of businesses. All dogs must go! 14 Female Siberian Huskies, 5 male Siberian huskies. The worst of it is that there are 159 dogs in all. There is NOTHING responsible about this. It's shocking to me that the pet store industry can support this. I'm thrilled they are closing, but now what do we all do with these dogs?

  7. I like the fact that you are interested enough to try and close puppy mills. In Malaysia only a tiny number of people care. Here there is the perception that animals are made for man's pleasure - which is yet another reason why I'm a feminist :-)

    I hope you get your water sorted, and that the spiders declare a truce and leave you to fix it without chomping.

  8. Yes, we live in Missouri. And yes, we're hissed off about the puppy mill situation. We're gonna do our part!

  9. You should have seen my human when she read the part about the black widows! We get them around here too and they really creep her out. I hope that water problem gets solved soon!

    We hope that proposition B passes. Puppy mills are evil.

  10. We can't watch the video becos it will upset mom too much ~ but she is VERY against puppy mills and is wants to thank you for raising awareness. We are sending purrs and love to all puppies who are being badly treated ~ we just hope one day soon all this cruelty will stop.

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEk (that was mom)... mom gotted to the bit abowt the spider, than screamed and ran.

  11. Puppy Mills are HORRIBLE!!!

    Jan, please be careful of those spiders. Mommy has a brown recluse bite on her finger! Yucky!!! Oh, and we will be careful of the hole in the ground!

    Hope you get all this water stuff straightened out!


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