Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Operation Fido Freedom

Today we'd like to share a video of Tamara Thayne from Dogs Deserve Better, who chained herself to a doghouse on the capitol steps for 35 days in an ongoing attempt to get the Pennsylvania law changed regarding dogs who live their lives on the end of a chain. This woman has been dedicated and courageous in her fight to free chained dogs from a life of loneliness, extreme weather, boredom, abandonment, untreated health issues, and often dehydration/starvation.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Is there some way you can help with Operation Fido Freedom?  Yes, if you live in Pennsylvania, you can encourage your Senator or Representative to vote for SB1435 to limit chaining.

Dogs do deserve better than a life sentence on a chain. You can read more here. You can follow @tamirathayne on Twitter. And/or you can Like "Operation Fido's Freedom's page on Facebook.

On a personal note, water is still merrily running ... somewhere.  Two city employees came out yesterday and they couldn't find any signs of a water leak under the lawn either. The good news is that Jan learned we have "only" lost 6000+ gallons of water since 9/22 instead of hundreds of thousands of gallons (that does happen but she was reading the numbers wrong - how was she to know since nothing matched?), so she splurged and took a shower this morning.  She offered each of us one but we all turned her down.  It's still a bad leak and the landlord is trying to get hold of a plumber, but Jan's breathing better today.  And she never intends to stick her hand down that meter hole again.  She wouldn't even put the cover back on after seeing that black widow spider coming at her yesterday.  And the guys said they've also found snakes in those holes.  

Oh, we almost forgot to include this.  We are excited to win a can of Clean+Green in Sol's The Messy Mancat Monday Giveaway.  We love their product and can't buy it in this area. The Taylor CatSSSSS and Brian also won a can.

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. That lady is really a hero for trying to help the dogs in PA!

    And we are glad that it was not as much water as Jan thought, but 6000 is still an awful lot!

  2. Hope they can find the leaking water soon.

    Hope you enter our contests the prize is a can of Clean + Green.

  3. What an inspiration that woman is!! We hope that because of her demonstration, more attention is given to limiting the amount of time dogs are left chained in yards!! We've heard many bad stories about dogs being left on a chain in their yards... Many of them develop horrible health problems & when the condition is brought to their owners attention - they just shrug!! Hmph!! We think these bad owners would think differently if THEY were chained in their yards for hours a day...

    Congrats on your win!!

    Nico, Simon & JayJay

  4. I would like to chain owners in their yard for just a day and night and see how they like it.. Hope the leak is found soon.. Hugs GJ x

  5. I agree with GJ on both counts! Congrats on the win, way cool!

  6. What a wonderful brave and courageous woman!! Good for her! I hope her determination pays off - I hope the good people of Pennsylvania do the sensible thing!! Chaining dogs is cruel and inhumane. Me and Charlie wish her and her group well!

    We are glad that Jan's water leakage is being seen to finally!! We're glad that she's taken a shower! LOL!! But please no more sticking hands in holes where spiders or snakes live! Yikes!! Take care

  7. I'm glad about the shower -

    I think we were beginning to be able to follow the trail -

    Paws khrossed fur resolution soon!


  8. Snakes AND spiders? Jeez that sounds dangerous. But the shower sounds good :-)

  9. I love that lady too!
    Kisses and hugs

  10. Hooray for Tamara! That's one brave bean:)

  11. Um, yeah, when I first moved here and found black widow spiders in the basement and around the framed garden beds' that was scary.

    The Big Thing

  12. That lady is awesome! Hoping and praying they find the leak soon!!!

  13. When we had a leak in our main and I shut off water to the house then opened the meter hole to see if the dial was moving, it was like looking into Shelob's lair. I've never seen that many black widows in one spot before. Ick ick ick ick ick.


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