Friday, October 08, 2010

Murphy's Law & Dr. Tweety

Murphy's Law is visiting and won't leave so we don't have a post prepared for today. But we do have just a quick reminder that Dr. Tweety's (the Fab 5) dad is having surgery today. Please remember him and his concerned family.  We're sending them our best purrs and tail wags.


  1. Please tell Murphy to cease and desist!


  2. Bad Murphy!! Me and Charlie don't like him too! :-(

    Hugs to Dr Tweety's dad!!! Take care

  3. We hope Murphy leaves very soon; he's definitely an unwelcome guest!

  4. throw Murphy's bags on the porch and then lock the door 'ahind him

  5. Give Murphy and his law a kick up the backside.

  6. That Murphy dude can be so durn rude!

  7. Tank you Jan! We iz havfun Murhy vizit da bloggie too... da piczez wonts upload from da hospeetall... so we iz vizytin' az many frendz az we can while we da momee waitsez in da waitin' room. Dat iz da hardest part.
    Dis surgeree takesez time, cuz dey has to findz itty bitty peecez of para-thyroid to leeve in da dadee. If dey don't, he willz be in danger of loozin' all his calcium.We iz crossin' all our pawz!!!! & evfurry one in da bloggospherz pawz crossed will keep him well!!!
    We love you,
    Dr Tweety

  8. Doesn't sound like Murphy is one that you want around to visit. Why not lock the door and not anwer it when there is a knock?
    So glad that Dr. Tweety's daddie's surgery is over. Praying each day for a full recovery.

  9. May Murphy leave you soon and stop botherin ya!!!

  10. We're keeping paws crossed and purring up a storm! Hope the surgery went well for Fab 5's dad!

  11. That Murphy is soooo stubborn, right?
    I hope everything is ok!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Doing a little CATch up work today and wanted to say thank you for leaving kind words at my place when my grandma left. Your kind words helps us all to feel a little better when we were sad. What a good friend you are!
    Thanks from,
    Gracie, Daddie, & Mommie

  13. MOL...what Hannah and Lucy said ;)

    Sending purrs for Dr. Tweety :)


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