Sunday, August 29, 2010

Innocence, Health and Gracie

The other Funny Farmers asked me to do today's post because I have such an innocent face.

We all want you to know it wasn't us.  Even if we were using the computer after Jan asked us not to.  She was late going  to Ingle's yesterday and there was a storm coming, so she said she wanted us to leave the computer alone until she got back.

But we wanted to play the Daffy Duck Parachute game and we disobeyed.  It was neat, although his first couple of passes left Daffy kind of close to being impaled on the underwear pole.  On the third try, there was a loud bang and everything in the house went dead.  No ac, computer, answering machine (was Buddy ever happy about that -- the answering machine makes him howl!), nothing.  Then there was a second boom, even louder. We were really scared.  Jan was going to be extremely upset about us killing her computer.  A few minutes later we heard her coming up the porch steps and we all hid.  If we were lucky, maybe she wouldn't notice.

She didn't even yell for us, just went for the portable phone - that was dead too - and then spent about 15 or 20 minutes punching numbers into the regular phone but not talking to anyone.  When she finally spoke, she said something about, "I guess you already know a transformer blew near Ingles." She told us later the guy on the other end was with the electric company and he said, "Yes, but we don't know where to send our truck."  So Jan told him.  Seems she was halfway to the store when she heard an explosion behind her.  She turned to see what had happened and there was another explosion, with a big fireball. It was behind the next door neighbor's house, so she came home as fast she could to make sure we were okay.  There was no lightning in the area so Jan thinks it was pecan branches falling on the electric lines. 

A while later she decided she might as well walk to the store before it got dark or started pouring rain.  When she came home, she turned the computer on and it worked.  She hasn't yelled at us or asked what we did to cause that, so please don't tell her it was because we were playing with Daffy Duck after she told us to stay off the computer.  Just back us up.  It wasn't our fault.  We're innocent.

A friend sent us a link to a video on the new CPR for sudden cardiac arrest - continuous chest compressions - by the University of Arizona. We would like to share it with you. Hopefully, you will never need to know this, but if you should ....

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Our sweet friend Gracie's dad lost his mother Saturday.  Her mom and dad are very sad. We wish we could say something to ease their pain but we have no adequate words. Only, we're very sorry for your loss and we love you all.  You can visit Gracie and leave a message on Goodness Gracie.


  1. Yikes! We're glad everyone is safe and well. Explosions and fireballs are not things you wan to see or experience! And we're glad the computer is okay, too. Of course you all are innocent; who would think otherwise?

  2. What a fun game even if it is a duck.

    So sorry to hear the sad Gracie news.

  3. We are glad that the computer and all of you were OK. That was a very interesting video. Mom has been certified in CPR before but thinks that would be easier!

  4. Oh my goodness what excitement!! Me and Charlie are so glad all at Jan's Funny Farm are ok. My goodness that must have been so frightening for all of you. Awwww big big hugs to you all. We're just so glad you are all ok! May you all have lots of play time with Daffy Duck Parachute! LOL!

    I am very sorry to hear about the loss of Gracie's dad's mum. It's just awful. Prayers and hugs to them too.

    Thanks for the CPR link. My first aid certificate is lapsed now but this is all so different! I love the pumping on the chest to a Stayin Alive by the Bee Gees! Very interesting!

    Take care

  5. That was scary but we are glad you are all okay and the computer worked again.

  6. We won't tell anyone about the duck game.

    Glad everyfur is safe.

    Essex & Deacon

  7. whew, my lips are sealed. I would never tell your mom what really happened. That was close and good thing everything got fixed.

    Poor Gracie's gramma. soo sad to say goodbye to some one so special SO LOVED :-(
    I went over and visited.

    I like your badge for your sale. Mom is going to put it on our blog for us.
    Some of the things do not have prices yet. Are you gonna put the prices up huh huh huh huh huh.
    Everything on your sale page is lovely! Such nice treasures. I know they will find good homes.
    Happy week-end and *coughcough* try to stay out of trubble


  8. Wow, that was quite the story, and those booms would have been pretty scary! I did know about Gracie's sadness, I'll stop by in a minute.

  9. We are sure you weren't responsible for what has happened and are glad that you are allsafe and well.

    We are trying to not mention the 'c' word or the 'l' word in this house just in case the l-a-p-t-o-p c-o-m-p-u-t-e-r takes it into its head and die on us.

  10. Glad afurryone is okay and that Jan knew where to tell the fixers to fix. And that game? Mama let me try it. Imagine. SHE LET ME TRY IT.
    You have to come visit. Maybe, just maybe she'll let me play it again. For company.

  11. Ps. Thanks for the CPR video.
    Mama's CPR training certificate has expired. Now she can help other people (and there are a lot of older people in this building, to boot) again.

  12. Oh-Oh! I promise I will not tell Jan a word about that!
    Glad you all are ok!
    Kisses and hugs

  13. Shhhhh. We will keep your secret! Who knew playin the Duck game would cause such a ruckus?

    We will go and visit Gracie, we feel very Sad for her daddy.

    Mommy learned that CPR last year at work. It sure is a lot simpler to remember.

  14. So sorry to hear about Gracie's dads mom.

    Thanks for posting that very important video!

  15. Guys we thinks it was the transformer thing that killed the computer not you. So you are off the hook. But if Jan ask us we don't know anything.

  16. Woo so live the exciting life!

    PeeEssWoo: We were sad to see Gracie's post in the GR

  17. You sure were lucky your Mom didn't catch you on the computer. But Mums the word here. So glad you are all safe. Those explosions must have hurt your ears.

    Sad about Gracie's Dad's Mom. Purrs and Prayers for them.


  18. Good thing it was the transformer's fault and your mom didn't catch you on the computer.

  19. What a relief that you did not get blamed for those explosions! I won't tell what was really going on.

    I am sad about Gracie's dad. I will go visit her in a moment.

  20. How scary!! Your secret is safe with us...we'll never tell!!

  21. Wow, sounds like you had alot going on!

    I am glad that everyone was fine & that it was just a transformer!

    Thanks agian for your well wishes!

    ~Bear's Meowmy~

  22. GREAT GOODNESS!!! We are so happy that you are all alright!!! We visited Gracie earlier.

    Mommy knows CPR, but the refresher video was very useful!!!

    Much love!

  23. Wowsers! Talk about special effects....that Daffy game sounds like fun ;)

  24. Must have been quiet scary when the light went off ! Unfortunately I don't know your game.


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