Wednesday, August 11, 2010

JoJo and Lyme Disease

Coweta County, GA - The Georgia Humane Society  (GHS) learned about Old Yeller on Sunday morning, they made the decision to pull the dog from the Coweta County Animal Control and take him into their organization as one of their sanctuary pets - in other words, offer the dog, whom they were told was 15 yrs-old, a permanent, safe and loving place to live.

This is one of those stories that make you shake your head in disbelief. How could any "shelter" allow an animal to suffer so much and have their "facts" so screwed up, not to mention they couldn't tell the difference between a dead and a living dog. And it happened here in Georgia! Please click on the title of the story below and do something in memory of JoJo -- called Old Yeller by the Coweta County AC and renamed JoJo by the Georgia Humane Society when they rescued him and took him to a vet.  As the writer requests, Please take a moment and write to the state officials in Georgia and let them know that you have had enough of this backwards mentality.  The information to do so is included.

You can read the rest of the story and comments - Gross failure at Georgia animal control leaves dog suffering needlessly.  Unfortunately, Coweta County is not the only Georgia shelter - or US shelter with a who-cares-it's-only-an-animal uncompassionate mentality. 

We are posting this video by Mercola Healthy Pets on lyme disease after receiving an email on the subject, including a comment about a personal experience with having a dog vaccinated. 

Some of you seem to be getting the wrong idea on the purpose of posting this video. It is not intended to send you running to the vet to get your dog vaccinated for lymes disease.  This vaccine is usually not necessary and can cause a serious, even life-threatening reaction. We are not giving medical advice. This is provided for your information only, to help you make an informed decision. And perhaps to spur you to further research.

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. Khoincidentally enough, Mom had just gotten an email about a furry handsome Chow named Hampton from 'there'

    just prior to reading your post -

    Why are people so stoopid?


  2. We agree with Khyra, humans are pretty stupid!
    Thanks for the info on Lyme Disease - Martha had a tick right next to her eye on holiday which we worried about - this Lyme Disease is very scary - so much for Frontline!
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  3. I don't suppose there is much hope for getting smarter humans?

  4. Poor JoJo. :-(

    The only comfort is in knowing that he was surrounded by love and kindness at the end of his life. Poor beautiful JoJo.

    Thanks for the info and link.

    Take care

  5. Some humans aren't humane! Thanks for keeping uSSSSS informed!

    Much love to the Funny Farmers and Jan!

  6. I know I won't be able to make it through this story ...

  7. Mom put it on Facebook.
    Sometimes we are embarrassed to live in Georgia. Most all of us are 'off the streets' and wish JoJo could have had a better home.
    ~ The Bunch

  8. How are people and places like this allowed to continue operating - I just do not understand it. It makes me so angry and so sad at the same time.

    And we are sending out lots of purrs and prayers to JoJo - we hope he is happy and playing at the bridge now, and that he knows that there are people out in the world who care about him and all the others like him.

  9. We will ask our vet about a vaccine for lime disease.

  10. Thank you for always posting news that, though difficult to read, is also important for us to read. I think, that the problem this world has is that so many people are SO unfeeling. If you treat animals poorly, you WILL treat people poorly.

  11. Once again the humans fail. Wish they would be more caring.Thanks for showing.. HUgs GJ xx

  12. Oh, humans really disappoint us sometimes...

  13. w00fs, jojo knew love in his last days...

    b safe,

  14. Makes you wonder what thinking process some folks have. Pretty sure some have not too many thoughts at all. Are there any smart folks involved with some the these decisions that are made? If only. Then things might be different.


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