Saturday, August 07, 2010

Handsome Louis Vuitton

Hi, this is Sam. I asked to write today's post. Any opinions expressed in it are unanimous - we are all in agreement.

But first we need to clear up a misunderstanding from yesterday's post.   This is what we posted, with a photo of Buddy's chest.

"Many of you know we aren't rolling in dough here.  In fact, Jan insists she can't give us an allowance.  If you remember, when our new office chair was turned over to tighten the screws, whatever parts touched the floor were coated in small splinters. Within a few days, Jan had a thick area carpet covering where we like to sprawl out in this heat. If you missed the carpet post, click here.

"Several weeks ago Buddy took to crawling under the couch to sleep. And this is what Buddy's chest looked like when he rolled onto his back on the new carpet."  
(You can see Buddy's photo here.)

We highlighted some of it because we evidently didn't explain it too well.  Some readers thought the carpet responsible for Buddy's injuries.  The splinters from the unsealed wood floor were. If Jan had not seen the splinters on the chair, she would not have run out to buy a thick carpet, and if she had not bought the carpet, the dogs would not have been rolling and having fun (splinters in the floor, remember) and she would not have known Buddy was injured until infection set in.  But she caught it and Buddy is healing fine. 

Now we want to give you the good news that the handsome pit bull we are writing about today is now a happy, healthy and loved pet.

But some of you might remember Louis Vuitton, a chained dog that was savagely beaten with a shovel, doused with lighter fluid and set on fire in September 2007. Why? Because Juan Daniels of Montgomery, Alabama, then age 20, was denied the use of his mother's car. So he took out his rage on her dog. His guilt is not speculation. He confessed and was sentenced to 9 years in prison. However, he is now up for parole.

This is a video of Louis today. Don't worry, it's a positive one. He is enjoying life!

If the video doesn't play, click here.

What this man did to his mother's dog is absolutely terrifying. What would he have done to his mother had the dog not been handy? What would he do today to a girlfriend or stranger in another rage?  We believe he should be denied parole and serve his sentence.  Such anger does not just go away because he has been incarcerated. In fact, we wonder would being locked up fuel that rage. 

We ask if you would take a minute to go sign a petition to help keep the perpetrator off the streets to repeat such an offense. Care 2 Petition

According to the information on Facebook, "the Parole Board said if we succeed in NOT Granting Parole a NEW BILL will be passed that supersedes "Gucci Bill" which helped to incarcerate him!!! GUCCI'S BILL: "  

For those who are not able to access Facebook and would also like to write or call regarding this case , we are posting contact information here:  Please contact the Parole Board before 8/24/2010.

The Board reads ALL letters sent to them concerning these cases.
The letters should be sent to:
The Alabama Board of Pardons and Paroles
PO Box 302405, Montgomery, Alabama 36130
The letter should reference: "Juan Daniels, AIS#263875"



This is the type of story we hate to post.  Although it has a happy ending for Louis, he - or any other animal - should never have to suffer at the hands of an abuser.

Have a purring and tail wagging day.


  1. We're still happy that the puppy is doing better and that you caught it in time!

  2. Glad Buddy is doing better! Some people do not deserve freedom, do they?

  3. Another horror story of human cruelty! Glad Same is OK in the end. Hope Buddy is healing well.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Awww sweet Buddy!! Me and Charlie are glad to hear you are getting all better!! Enjoy rolling around on your carpet! :-)

    Thank you for that lovely video of adorable Louie! We are so glad he is happy now and enjoying his life. We are sad that we can still see the scars of what was done to him. But we know he is happy now in his new home!

    Take care

  5. We were not blogging in 2007 and did not know of what happened to Louis Vuitton after this crime was committed against him. Thank you for the update and we signed the petition, too. We fear that incarceration is not the same as rehabilitation and that man would commit crimes again.

  6. So glad Louis is doing better and that Buddy's wounds are healing.

    Aren't our moms very special when they take their hard earned green papers and buy things for us furchildren? It shows the type of unending love they have for us.

  7. Thank you ever so much for telling us about this. I made sure mom went over and signed that petition right away. I'm so happy that Louis Vuitton is living a happy life now!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  8. OMG. This kind of story makes me so mad. I will keep my thoughts private as to what I would like to do the SH... I will have a post next Friday about a new website that you will find to be the best ever. Please stay tuned. Have a great weekend. TY for sharing.

  9. Oh poor sweet Buddy. I sure hope his little chest is healing pretty good now. Terrible the splinters. So glad that Jan has the carpet to protect all. Just stop playing on the wood everyone.
    I am so sorry to hear about Louis. I just cannot believe what horrible things furries have to go through. I just wish if I could grant one wish it would be that anyone that was bad to a furrie would have the same thing happen to them. I know that isn't nice to say but it would be fair in my book. Glad that Louis now has a new lease on life.

  10. Sorry about Buddy's chest. WE missed yesterdays post. Going to sign the petition now.

  11. Thanks fur sharing HLV!

    We are off to do what we khan before heading to bed -

    (5am wakeup khall here)


  12. Thanks for standing up for Pitties! They deserve love too!

  13. We are happy the Buddy is getting better. We hope that bad human gets put away! It hurts to know humans can be so cruel!


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