Thursday, August 26, 2010

Corgis and Rumbles

Hi, this is Buddy bringing you today's post.  I volunteered to be the spokesfunnyfarmer today, even though I'm weak and faint from hunger.  Okay, I did have a few bites of chicken and rice with peas but not nearly enough to be filling. The problem is there isn't a bite of dog kibble in the house.  Not even hiding in a corner.  (Sam and I already checked.)  Jan says she can't get to the store until after noon to buy us any, so we canines just have to wobble around on trembling legs until then.  We'll tell you why in a minute. 

But first, we met some new friends when we posted about the giveaway yesterday. (You are aware we are having one, aren't you? Well, if you aren't, it's an easy one and you can read about it here.) They left a link to one of their posts as their entry and we thought we would share it with you.

There are 3 of 4 short videos in this post but our favorite is the first one where OC speeds around the beach having just as much fun as the other Corgis -- in her wheelchair. She is so cute and obviously having a time of her life experience. You can read the post and view the video at Corgi Country.

We're glad this group stopped by. There are just as many of them as there are of us (8) but they're all Corgis. No cats.

Now, as to why we're dying of hunger here.  It isn't Jan's fault.  She picked us up a big bag of Purina Healthy Morsels a couple of days ago because she noticed we were running out. She doesn't like to feed us that but she can't afford the Purina One any more and there aren't a lot of choices around here. Two evenings ago, she opened the bag to fill a container with the food so when she used the last of the old, she could just switch to the new food.  But when the odor from the food bag hit her, she gagged and nearly barfed up a hairball.  Oh, sorry, it's the cats who chuck hairballs.

Anyway, the smell was so strong and unpleasant, she put a scoop of it under a magnifying glass to look for anything strange, like mold.  She then did a sniff and magnifying glass test with our old food.  The food didn't look any different to her old eyes, but the odor was intensified many times with an odor she couldn't figure out.  She closed the bag, intending to replace it yesterday.  But she got busy and F-O-R-G-O-T about it.  Until she ran out of our old food last evening, opened the new and the odor again assailed her. It wasn't quite as bad by then but it was still overwhelming to her sense of smell. There was no way she was going to feed that to us, not even if we had to have short rations until she could get to the store.

She got on the phone and called Purina.  Purina does have well-trained, polite customer service.  The company will send a replacement coupon and a container to mail back 2 cups of the smelly formula for testing.  Jan duct taped the bag shut and put it in the car so we couldn't tear into the bag and eat any of it.  She put aside enough to send to Purina when the container arrived.  But we can't go without eating for 8 - 10 business days when the replacement coupon arrives. Jan won't buy another bag of that anyway in case there are more bags there like that so she's going to return the smelly food to Wal-mart and try to figure out what they have she can afford to feed us.

This is her third problem with a Purina product this year. Remember our Canned Mystery, the post about the exploding Purina ONE can in May?  In April, we were into our number ???? bag of Tidy Cat Litter, also a Purina product, that billowed dust even though Jan was leaning down to pour fresh litter into the pan.  Litter dust was coating everything in the house and causing Jan more breathing problems than she already has.

We're not knocking Purina or its parent company.  We want to remind you to report problems when you come across them.  Throwing away bad product does not help the manufacturer to track and fix problems. This problem might not have originated with Purina.  We read a while back that some places will store pet food in trailers in a parking lot in the hot sun.  So food can begin to mold before it hits your local store shelf or after you purchase it.  We don't know what the problem is with this food, but things go wrong, so pick up the phone or look up an email address and let the manufacturer know what is happening.

Now, if you will excuse me, I have to go point out to Jan that it is after noon.  Or it will be in 3 minutes.  

rumble .... rumble ..... gurgle .... swish

Sorry, that's the funnyfarm canine empty stomach trio.

UPDATE 12:24 pm:  Wow, this posting really works.  We got food before anyone even had a chance to read this.  Mr. Doug came by with half a pizza and half a bag of refrigerated Bil Jack dog food for us.  However, Jan appropriated the pizza for herself and we just got some dog food.  :(  It sure did help the rumblies going on around here, though.  Thank you, Mr. Doug.


  1. Oh that is horrible, we eat some Purina stuff and maybe we will reconsider, we can't stand anybody not being polite...regardless of species!

  2. Aww that is most unfortunate! Glad that Mr. Doug came to the rescue!

  3. Whew, we were beginning to worry we might have to run over with some food for you. Good thing Jan noticed that smell or you might have had a worse problem than just being hungry.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  4. Awww OC is adorable!!! I tried not to but started laughing when she got all tangled up with the other corgis' leads!!LOL! My goodness - such a lot of corgis! Awwww! What a star - thanks for sharing that link here.

    And oh my golly - it's so weird about the purina! You know sometimes I open a pouch of kitty food and the stink doesn't smell like stinky goodness and not even Charlie eats it -so I know that sometimes kitty food goes off even in the packaging!

    But well done Jan for getting in touch with Purina people! I'm so glad they respond too. Yay! Next time I ought to do that too because this shouldn't happen!!

    Anyway me and Charlie are super pleased that Mr Doug came by to your rescue Buddy!! And with pizza for the lovely Jan too! Yay!

    Take care

  5. Those hydrolysed oils in pet foods can do some weird things if they go off. Nasty.

    Now Buddy, I suggest that if you have enough strength left and can manage it, you go and have a look around near the computer for a nice peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I have heard you enjoy those.

    Keep your nose keen for the smell of Cottage Pie in the near future too ;)

    Those Corgis are delightful. Looks like OC is in charge too!

    Whicky Wuudler

  6. Well.....that Purina stuff doesn't sound so Pure to me. Ha! G-Mom would rush right over to Wally World and take it back!
    Hmmm...I am curious as to why it stunk. You will probably never find out. It's a good thing Jan has a good snooter!

  7. We are so sorry that happened with the food!!!

    What a nice Mr. Doug to help rescue your rumbly tummys!

  8. Mom knows about da store storage thing...she useta work at a big grocery store here part time and even tho dey was storing der pet food in a nice cool place getting da lazy stock boys to get it off da loading dock afore it gots all hot was another thing all together. Good thing she let Purina know, we know dey take quality seriously even if dey do put grains and stuff in der food. We useta eat it cuz it was a fair price fur good stuff but Speedy can't process grains or food colors so we hadda start eating grain free.

  9. Hi Buddy! Sorry to hear about the food, but glad to hear that Mr. Doug saved the day. We had an issue with our Purina cat food one time, and they were very polite and sent us a bunch of coupons to get some new food.

  10. How khool!

    Yes, those khorgis are lots of fun!

    BTW, let's test this post thing:


    Would we like a pizza with stuffed khrust and veggies!


  11. How horrible is it! Poor baby, you!

  12. not throwing away bad food is good advice. i'll be interested to see what purina's tests show...

  13. Hello Buddy!!! You're excellent reporter! Mmmm...we wonder why this strange Purina incident keeps happening at your farm. Mmmmm....

    We're glad Mr. Doug showed up in time!

    Have a great weekend!
    Momo & Pinot

    ps: Thanks for your barkday wishes to our brudder!!

  14. You have me wondering "what did it smell like??" BOL, like "something you found on the side of the road and wanted to have a roll in" kind of smell? Glad you did get something in your bellahs though, we could hear them gurgling here in O-H-I-O ;)

  15. So glad you got a friend to bring you some yummy food. Kelly like Bill-Jac dog food. She also loves pizza crusts!

  16. No wonder you like Mr. Doug so much he brings you pizza, shame on Jan for snitching it from you.

    The smell must have been pretty bad if Jan noticed it, us dogs and cats have much better noses. Mommy couldn't smell spoilt milk if you poured it down her throat (Socks barfing).

    Wal-mart stores their stuff in hot trailers, Daddy says it makes their water taste like plastic.

  17. Thanks for putting our entry into your post! That was sweet of you. We are so sorry about your rumbly tumblies! When Grammy has run out (which VERY rarely happens) then she usually makes us chicken and rice with carrots as that's what the vet recommended for Grandma OC to eat to help her feel full while she was on her diet. She's down to the proper weight now (needs to not be to heavy with her back/hip problem) but she really like that, and the rest of us (5 corgis & a Border Collie)really think it's a treat when we get to eat it. The Country Corgi Crew


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