Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cold Feet and Fat Eric

We love this Italian Greyhound's solution to cold feet. We think Merci and Buddy could manage this, but not Sam. 

If the video doesn't play, click here.

Just as we were going to publish this, the CB's Wednesday news posted.  And as we feared, Fat Eric has left the UK for the bridge while his mom is visiting in the US. It was very brave and loving of her to have given permission to do what is best for Eric, rather than try to prolong his suffering until she returns home. We send her purrs and tail wags and hugs.  We will miss him.

Zoolatry's tribute to Eric

Farewell Graphic by KC of the CB

To leave a message for Eric's mom, click here. She's also on Facebook if you have a FB account.


  1. We were so sad about Eric and our hearts go out to his family who had to make such a difficult decision from so far away.

  2. What a waste of pawesome snow!

    We are sorry fur the loss of your khat pal -

    That was furry nice of his mum to let him khross without her physikhally being there -

    I'm sure she saw his star from here -


  3. Our eyes are leaking here at the loss of Fat Eric. His family is in our purrayers.

  4. That is so sad about Eric.

    Run free little buddy!

  5. We agree, his mom was very brave to do the best thing for Eric. That's what love is all about. We are very sad and will miss Eric hugely.

  6. Awwww what a clever greyhound!! We hope that someone took him in and gave him a warm hug! :-)

    We are very sorry for the news about Fat Eric. What an awful tragedy. We are sending tons of purrs to Eric's family.

    Take care

  7. We were so sad to read about Eric.

  8. That is a very smart woofie! Yep, it is so sad about Eric.

  9. MOL @ the woofie. And, we are so sad about Fat Eric too.

  10. We are so sad for Eric and his mommy. It was very awesome of her to do what was best for him.


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